Our Philosophy

As we all seek to maximize our Luck and Likelihood for good Fortune and Prosperity, as well as attain an optimal well-balanced, harmonious & Quality Lifestyle that enable us to achieve and attain our respective, personal Life-goals in the smoothest way possible, our Fengshui-Consultants and staff strive and aim to help all our Customers achieve all this, with the utmost in Dedicated Diligence and Effort.


FENGSHUI WORLD is one of Singapore’s leading Fengshui Consultancies. Our market-presence is prominent & significant with total of 8 galleries right in the heart of town as well as sub-urban area. With correct and authentic Fengshui practices, our ever-growing clientele has found us a most reliable and trustworthy source of advice for modern Fengshui applications.


With Sound-Advice on the appropriate contemporary Fengshui practices and remedies, a well-balanced positive energy and smooth flow of “Qi” is attained on both personal living and working spaces, as well as an optimally-conducive Business-environment that maximizes business-opportunities.


Our dedicated and friendly Fengshui-Consultant will advise on how to maximize positive “Qi” that maximizes harmonious and quality-living has earned us a most respectable Reputation in the Fengshui arena.


Our Customers are reliably-furnished with the best possible advice on how to attain a well-balanced, harmonious and quality urban lifestyle, and live Life in such a way as to harness maximum positive energy, so as to facilitate the smoothest Flow of “Qi” to attain their respective Individual goals in Life in the smoothest way possible.


Our Clientele encompasses a broad range across sectors in society, from the homes of everyday laymen to the professionals, entrepreneurs and respectable organisations.

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