“ I am very impressed by the consultant here in feng shui world. The consultant are very knowledgeable and more than willing to share with me and advising me.”

“This is my 2nd year to visit feng shui world for my Annual Bazi Analysis. Master kelly here are very professional! The reading last year was so accurate that I am able to plan and strategize my plan in my business according to the advises given .”

“ Me and my wife went for a bazi analyse from master joe. The reading was very accurate!

After the analyse we decided to engage fengshui world master joe for our house fengshui audit.

Master joe very patience in advising and also suggest us the most effective and simpliest way in implementing the fengshui arrangement, so we don’t need to do a too major arrangement. “

“ my company engaged fengshui world to provide a fengshui audit service this year by master joe. We realised that ever since, our team are more cooperative and in terms of financing, collection of payment every month are much easier and our cash flow are better too! “

“ I am a free thinker, I use to think fengshui belong to either Taoist or Buddhist. But after visiting one of the outlet of fengshui world at nex and purchased their fengshui bracelet and some home nice decoration. The consultant are vvery patience and share with me about feng shui and the art of feng shui are not religious or superstitious. It’s the law of nature and anyone can leverage on fengshui.” I would rate 5 star full for their service!

“ I happened to drop by one of the outlet for fengshui world at feng shui world. I met Master chua from fengshui world, and after a short discussion with him regarding my current problem. I decided to engage him for my home feng shui audit. Master chua guide and advise me every changes need to make the reason and effect of the changes. After the audit, within a month my problem start to solve and my relationship with my wife eventually get better too.

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