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All You Need To Know About Bazi Reading

All You Need To Know About Bazi Reading

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Bazi reading is a passion and a profession that many people enjoy doing. However, learning how to read a Bazi Chart online can be difficult for a beginner. There are many different readers online, and also, different interpretations given by different people on the same chart. There is no one right way to read the Bazi chart; each reader has his or her own specialization.

What is Bazi Reading?

Bazi Reading, also known as Bazi Interpretation, is basically interpreting a person’s birth chart based on the date, time, and place where they were born. From there, the chart reveals what their future will look like, what they will likely do in various areas of their life, such as their financial status, and how to approach any possible relationship problems.

It will also tell what is the nature of a person, what kind of person they will be, how they will behave, how the person will be treated, and many more things that will happen to them throughout their life. In general, the reading will analyze financial, health, relationships, and many more aspects of one’s life.

The Cost of Bazi Reading

The cost of doing Bazi reading will vary depending on the professional who does the reading. Depending on the practitioner, the price will be different for different people. It may vary according to the level of expertise and brand positioning that they have. 

Why Do People Read Their Bazi Chart?

Why Do People Read Their Bazi Chart?

The most common reason for people to take a look at Ba Zi charts is to find out what they are good at in their career, their relationships, and their business. Some people are trying to find the right career path to start their own business or a company to start a new one.

Some people want to know what investment instruments to invest in and whether or not their business partner is suitable. There are also people who want to know about marriage counseling, couple suitability, and if it is a good idea to mediate divorce cases. It helps people plan for their future and how to distribute assets accordingly; it helps people resolve conflicts between business partners.

How Bazi Reading Helps

Bazi reading won’t help us win the lottery, but it can help us in a variety of other areas, which will be discussed in the next section.

Feng Shui and Ba Zi are two of the 5 Art of Chinese Metaphysics parts. Bazi is a practice that is used in the art of Destiny Reading. It is mainly used to help a person to understand their strengths and weaknesses, and then develop a plan to achieve that. This is not necessarily about knowing a person’s destiny.

Bazi reading and analysis provides the fundamental skills for those who want to know what their destiny will be like according to the Destiny Reading in Chinese Metaphysics. With one’s birth date and time, it can be used in determining a person’s strengths and weaknesses and how to deal with different situations in their lives more effectively.

By understanding the nature of the five components that make up the Bazi Chart, we can create plans to solve problems that are affecting us in our daily life. Just like the things that were discussed in the previous section.

Arts of Chinese Metaphysics

What comes next is the art of Feng Shui. This helps a person to have a good life by harnessing good luck and overall well-being. This involves influencing the location and energy of places to give people opportunities to have more good fortune and to acquire more wealth.

One of the most common readings is called a Face and Palm Reading. This type of reading is based on looking at the people’s palms and faces. Face readings are done by analyzing the different parts and elements of a person’s face, such as the different areas of their face and the way they are set.

Palm reading is also used to know what a person is planning to do in the future, such as what their thoughts are, what they are feeling, what their past behavior is, and what their motivations are.

Divination is next in Chinese Metaphysics. Divination is the art of using metaphysics to help people make good decisions or to recognize the significance of certain events.

We come to the fifth and final art of Chinese Metaphysics: Traditional Chinese Medicine. Traditional Chinese Medicine is a system that addresses all types of health problems holistically. It may even involve taking herbs or acupuncture to heal ailments.

How To Read A Bazi Chart?

How To Read A Bazi Chart?

Most people plot their Bazi chart by using software that they can get easily from the Internet. There are dozens of good and useful Bazi Calculators available online, but what good would it be to generate many Chinese characters without knowing how to read them?

There are more than 561,000 combinations that you can imagine when you think about forming your own Bazi chart, and even after forming the chart, there are many other factors that can cause changes in your chart. This includes other people, their own behavior, their relationships, their work, their habits, and other life-changing decisions that they make.

It is not that easy to read a Bazi chart because there are so many different ways to create it. Nonetheless, Bazi charts give us an excellent general idea about our current situation. It helps us to see where we should be in our lives. From a perspective of how our lives should be, it is easier to develop strategies to overcome challenges in our life.

It is difficult for someone who is not a professional to understand how to read a Bazi chart. Thus, it is critical to ask the right questions to understand what is true. It is important to ask questions because sometimes people think differently about what is indicated on their Bazi charts. Hence, we cannot tell a lot from just an email.

Analyzing A Bazi Chart

It is very important that we learn about our Daymaster before we start reading our Bazi charts. Many people believe that they are Fire, Water or Metal, but is that true?

Bazi is basically a hierarchy of four pillars that determine what people should do and how their lives should turn out. We call them Pillars of Destiny. Each of these pillars represents a particular time of the year, month, day, hour, and second.

Some people have found out that they are fire, water, or metal by randomly searching for information on the internet. They have then chosen to look at the year pillar to know their element.

Reading a Bazi Chart then properly taking a Bazi Analysis is the first step in identifying your Daymaster. When we try to find our Bazi, we look for the one that is at the top of the Day Pillar (or, in some cases, the Daymaster). 

Depending on which Daymaster is chosen, certain relationships, like family or business, can be established. There are 10 Daymasters, each with a unique set of attributes, and there are 5 different elements that correspond with each of them with each carrying a Yin and Yang.

Concluding Words

Looking to gain insights into key areas of your life such as wealth, career, relationship, and self-development? Our personal Bazi consultation service helps you understand your base nature and luck cycle, and provides you with actionable tips and advice on navigating through obstacles in life.


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Our wealth of experience and expertise in the Fengshui and Bazi discipline enables us to help our clients improve their quality of life through the path of least resistance.

At Fengshui World, we believe in “Better Fengshui, Better Life”.

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