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Ultimate Guide to Bazi Name Analysis

Ultimate Guide to Bazi Name Analysis

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The Four Pillar of Destinies, also known in Chinese as Bazi, is the birthdate of a person – a date that varies between eight characters in the Ganzhi or stem-branch calendar. The Ganzhi is a traditional Chinese calendar which records the hour, year, month, and day hour by using ‘earthly branches’ and ‘heavenly stems’.

Some believe that it can be used to tell people’s futures. It is a useful tool for people to know the future and to help them decide where they will go in their lives. Those who know what it takes to do a Bazi analysis are able to tell the people who are good how good they are and what their chances are to become successful.

Bazi analysis believes in three different world views: earth, heaven and man axis. It is based on studying the patterns and symbols that are in the I Ching or other classics of China to determine the outcome of events that will occur in the future. Bazi interpretation claims that reading patterns and symbols in ancient Chinese texts can reveal information that can help people and places to know what will happen to people, things, and places.

The Four Pillars

Some believe that people’s life and their destiny are decided when they are firstborn. When a person is born, someone assigns to him 8 words that correspond to the 8 characters that make up the Bazi. These 8 characters actually represent the four pillars of life. Every letter and symbol that we use on a person’s hand is as valuable as a pillar. Bazi refers to what are called the four pillars of destiny.

The moment that people are born determines a person’s fate; they determine the hour, the month, the day, and the year that they were born. Each of these four different things affects different aspects of our being. If we get a healthy body, the yin and the yang are in a state of balance. But over time, as people age, our yin and yang will begin to act in different ways.

The Four Elements

The Four Elements

What people say in the first 8 words of a baby is like a symbol of four important elements: wood, earth, fire, and metal. These elements continually fight each other’s enemies, trying to gain control over each other.

When one person has a similar Bazi as someone else, both of those people are fated to have the same thing: they are in the same boat. If people do not have the same Bazi, their destiny may be at odds with each other.

Just as it is determined by how well someone is able to analyze his own personality, the way a person lives at home and how others around him behaves when they are interacting with energy can impact the dynamics that cause 2 people who have the same personality to behave in a very unusual way.

That’s where Feng Shui will come into play. This explains why some people use tools from Bazi to help them create their own Feng Shui plans for their homes.

Bazi Name Analysis

Bazi name analysis is the process of identifying the meaning and origin of a person’s name. In many cases, this information can be helpful in understanding the individual’s personality and characteristics.

There are a number of ways to conduct Bazi name analysis. Some methods focus on analyzing the name’s structure, while others focus on its meaning. Regardless of the approach used, it is important to take into account all the information available about the name.

Choosing an Auspicious Baby Name

Bazi name analysis is very useful in helping you decide on a name for your baby. So, where to start? Here are tips to guide you applying Bazi in baby naming.


When we dive deeper into Bazi name analysis, it really means that you should understand how to make wise decisions and how to know more of your own inner being. When considering a name, all of these elements must be present, and the name should have a positive and good meaning. So list some of your favorite names, and then find out what meanings and messages that each of them evokes. Pick a name that makes you feel good when you say it aloud.

The Parents’ Elements

Many people forget this when they are trying to decide what to name their baby. Bazi name analysis suggests that names for babies should have the elements of their parents. If this happens, the child will have elements that are in harmony with those elements of his parents.

Story and Meaning Behind the Name

Auspicious baby names are based on the energy they carry. So, when your kids are old enough, encourage them to know the meaning of their name and tell them the good things behind that name. So, when children know their names, they will feel comfortable and secure in their own lives. It will be as though their name is full of good and powerful energy that they will also carry with them.

Requirements for Baby Naming

Requirements for Baby Naming

Here are some information that you should prepare before going to a Bazi consultation service:

  • Details of baby’s birth (i.e., time, day, month, and year)
  • Details of the parents’ births
  • Full names of the parents
  • Animal sign of the parents
  • Chinese character’s name (optional)


It is best to do some research if you want to find the best baby naming service in Singapore. Make sure that you consult with a professional Feng Shui master in Singapore who has years of experience. This will ensure that your baby’s name is a perfect fit.

Contact us to schedule your auspicious baby name selection service consultation today!


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