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Tai Sui in Fengshui is define as clashes in element. In Fengshui, Tai Sui is an unlucky sign for the opposite year on the zodiac  for the Grand Duke Year. Like a frictional force every 6 years of change, the originating zodiac elements correspond to the opposing star and animal in the phase.

 Tai Sui is also a Chinese term for the stars directly opposite the planet Jupiter (木星 Mùxīng) during its roughly 12-year orbital cyclePersonified as deities, they are important  features of Chinese astrologyFeng Shui, Taisui is the opposing star of the zodiac, it acts like a frictional force in the polarity that inherits the cycle of change.

 Tai Sui General#1 

The 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac are based on divisions of the Jovian orbital cycle, rather than—as with the western zodiac— the apparent motion of the sun relative to the celestial sphere. The star thought to oppose Jupiter during each year of the cycle was personified as a Heavenly General (zh:甲子神列表) or Cycle God. These were believed to assist the Jade Emperor in controlling the mortal world.

In general, Taisui is like a clashing year for the two opposite polarity in the zodiac sign.


  Fengshui Tips for Tai Sui 

 ~ Display Celestial Animal Pi Yao/ Pi Xiu 

 ~ Add in Water Element Features such as Fountain 


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