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Yin Yang Feng Shui Decoration that improves Qi Flow

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A harmonious and balanced home empowers its occupants to thrive. To create a harmonious and balanced home, you should consider getting your home energy mapped out and optimally arranged with a Feng Shui master. At its core, feng shui is about creating balance and harmony in your surroundings to improve your overall well being. The concept of “Qi”, commonly referred to as Life’s flowing force that influences everything in the universe, is one of the important fundamental concepts in Feng Shui.

In Feng Shui, the objective is to design an area where Qi can move freely and harmoniously. Qi can become blocked or stagnant, which can result in bad energy and harm to your physical and mental well-being. Here are some reasons why it’s crucial to monitor the Qi flow in your house.

1 – Promotes Health and Well-being

Qi’s influence is crucial to our mental and physical well-being. Our bodies and thoughts can feel balanced and harmonious when the Qi is flowing easily. With a home that is tuned harmoniously, the chance of ill health is lowered as your body does not have to work extra hard to keep you healthy.

2 – Increase Energy and Vitality

Your energy and vitality levels also rise when your Qi is flowing unhindered. You will feel more alert, concentrated, and effective. In contrast, Qi that is obstructed or stagnant might leave you feeling worn out, lazy, and unmotivated.

3 – Enhances Relationships

How Feng Shui helps to strengthen relationships is another crucial part of the practice. Your home will feel more peaceful and harmonious when the Qi flow is smooth. Your interactions with family, friends, and even your romantic partner may improve as a result. On the other flip side, tension and conflict might result from obstructed or sluggish Qi as the occupants are generally already in a poorer mood.

4- Boosts Wealth and Prosperity

Feng shui practitioners also believe that the flow of qi can affect your financial well-being. When qi is flowing smoothly, it can attract wealth and prosperity into your life. On the other hand, when qi is blocked or stagnant, it can lead to financial difficulties and struggles.

Now that you understand why the flow of qi is so important, here are some tips from our feng shui consultancy in Singapore on how to improve the flow of qi in your home:

1- Declutter Your Space

Clutter can block the flow of qi in your home. Make sure to keep your home clean and organised, and get rid of anything you don’t need or use. In fact, it has been clinically proven that people who are in cluttered spaces feel a heightened sense of anxiety and have a harder time focusing.

2 – Let in Natural Light and Air

Natural light and air helps to introduce and circulate Qi throughout your home. Make sure to open your windows and let in fresh air, using light-coloured curtains to allow some natural light to enter and light up your home. A house that is dim and dark generally would create a stale/dim energies, which can lead to depressive relationship between occupants; leading to a deteriorating relationship.

3 – Use Plants and Water Features

Plants and water features can help to activate and redirect the flow of Qi in your home. They can also help to purify the air and create a sense of tranquillity. However, it is extremely important to only add these features AFTER a Feng Shui consultation as the incorrect placement of water features and plants is sure way to completely disrupt the Qi flow.

4 – Arrange Your Furniture Thoughtfully

The arrangement of your furniture is one of the most important aspects of influencing the Qi to flow and should only be done by an experienced Feng Shui Master with a proven track record. An experienced Feng Shui Master would take a multifaceted approach when rearranging your home and balance the Qi precisely where it benefits the occupants the most. This of course includes allowing wealth and prosperity to accumulate in your house!

5 – Use Colors and Materials Thoughtfully

Use Colors and Materials Thoughtfully: Colors and materials also impact the qi flow within your home. Avoid employing hues or materials that conjure up negative energy in favor of those that encourage harmony and balance.

Finally, paying attention to the qi flow in your home can significantly improve your general state of health. These recommendations from our Singaporean Feng Shui Consultancy will help you design a home that promotes a harmonious Qi flow!

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