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Period 9 (2024- 2043)

  • The dominant and auspicious element is Fire can supercharge your wealth opportunities.
  • Fire brings forth abundant opportunities for wealth and prosperity.
  • Agarwood holds the secret to attracting this energy.

Enigma Of Agarwood In Period 9

  • Effortlessly activate energy of Period 9 using Fengshui World authentic and finest quality Agarwood.
  • Wearing this sacred wood can naturally purify and generates positive energy, bringing blessings and  attracts tremendous support from influential benefactors, mentors and clients.
  • The enigmatic essence of Agarwood lies in its sacred oil fragrance embedded within the wood.
  • Synergy Yin and Yang energies between these interrelated elements leads to remarkable growth and multiplication in your career, sales, and businesses.

Superchared Agarwood

  • Energised your Agarwood at the Fengshui World holy altar for 81 days.
  • 81 days symbolises the power and ability to overcome 81 challenges and obstacles in your business and career.
  • Allows individual to attain strategic opportunities and reach the highest level of success in their respective fields.

Southern Agarwood

  • As Period 9 refers to southern region. We have hand picked the finest quality Agarwood from the southern part of China and Vietnam (海南沉香 and 越南沉香).

第九运时间段 (2024-2043)

  • 占主导地位和吉祥的元素是火,拥有吉祥的火能量可以增加你的财富机会。
  • 火能量亦可以带来丰富的财富和繁荣的机会。
  • 沉香拥有吸引与带来这种能量的神秘力量。


  • 使用風水世家正宗和最优质的沉香木,将可以帮助您毫不费力地激活第九运的吉祥能量。
  • 佩戴圣木能自然净化负能量,产生正能量,带来祝福,并吸引有影响力的贵人、导师和客户的大力支持。
  • 沉香的神秘本质在于其自然带来的神圣香气。
  • 阴阳能量在这些相互关联的元素之间的协同作用会导致您的职业、销售和业务的显著增长和倍增。


  • 在風水世家佛坛为您的沉香加持注入九九八十一天的吉祥之力。
  • 九九八十一天象征着您在事业和工作中克服八十一个挑战和障碍的力量和能力。
  • 使个人获得丰富的好机会,并在各自领域取得最高水平的成功。


  • 第九运时期指的是世界上的南方地区。我们精选了中国南部和越南最优质的沉香木(海南沉香和越南沉香)。
Speak to our consultant now to discover the Prosperity Secret of Agarwood in Period 9.
To promote the power of Agarwood in your life, we will invite you to explore our Agarwood products for detailed information. For any inquiries, please visit our contact page at Fengshui World (fengshuiworld.sg).
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