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10 Effective Feng Shui Tips for Selling Your Home Quickly

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Clutter-free home

Ensure all clutter is cleared from your entire home.Most homes can benefit from removing about ¼ of the furniture and belongings. Create a home that feels spacious. Open up the floor space.

Spacious living

Remove excess decorations from tabletops, shelves, and other surfaces.Give a spacious feel to all horizontal surfaces.

Clean home

Give your home a thorough cleaning, inside and out, ensuring carpets, blinds, curtains, cupboards, and drawers are spotless—leave no area untouched.

Attractive entrance

Make sure the entrance is especially attractive. This is their first impression of the house and it gives prospective buyers an indication of the condition of the rest of the house. Trim back bushes along the front path. Remove all weeds. Keep it immaculate, with lights turned on, a new doormat, and have something flanking either side of the front door, such as two pots of lush, healthy plants and flowers.

Family commitment

Ensure that everyone in your family is fully committed to selling the house. If anyone in the family is anti-selling, it will affect your ability to attract the right buyer

Gratitude to home

Write a heartfelt letter thanking your home for being a cherished place for your family, and express your readiness to pass it on to another family. Gather your loved ones together and read the letter aloud as a gesture of gratitude.

Inviting kitchen

In the kitchen, prioritize clear counters, an organized pantry, and keeping bins and knives out of sight. Enhance the ambiance by placing a small, vibrant plant and a jar of homemade biscuits or a bowl of fresh fruit on the countertop to create an inviting atmosphere.

Spa bathroom

Create a spa feel in the bathroom by hiding all your personal items, buyers do not need to know which toothpaste brand you prefer. Toilet lids should remain down. Repair dripping taps and showerheads. Purchase new, elegant white towels for the bathroom, to be displayed only when prospective buyers are visiting.

Home repairs

Make all necessary repairs.

Comfortable home scent

Create a pleasant fragrance by cooking ¼ cup of cinnamon with 1 cup of water in a frying pan 30 minutes before you show your home, until the aroma drifts throughout the house. The cinnamony fragrance will trail throughout your home, like you just baked a wonderful dessert and will suggest a comfortable, at-home feeling to potential buyers.

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