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Prayers & Sanctification

GuanYin Birthday

108 Agarwood Beads Blessing For Guanyin

$1,888.00 – $3,888.00

Guanyin Blessing For Ancestor

$488.00 – $1,888.00

Guanyin Praying, Buddha Praying in Singapore

Candle Offering For Guanyin


Flower Offering For Guanyin


Fish Liberation Ceremony By Fengshui World Singapore

Fish Liberation Ceremony


Personal Merit Offering


What is Triple Gem Offering?

It is said in the Ten Wheel Sutra of the Essence of Earth (Kshitigarbha): “All comfort, happiness and peace in this world are received by making offerings to the Rare Sublime Ones (the Triple Gem), therefore those who like to have comfort, happiness and peace always attempt to make offerings to the Rare Sublime Ones.” In general, all the collections of goodness of samsara and nirvana are the result of having made offerings to the Triple Gem. In particular, one receives different benefits by doing service with each of the various individual offerings.

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