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2024 Zodiac Ox | 生肖牛​

Overall Luck (运势)

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Wealth (财运)

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Career (事业)

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Romance (感情)

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Health (健康)

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吉星 Auspicious Stars

福星 Fortune Star

天德 Heavenly Virtue

福德 Fortune Virtue

板鞍 Saddle Star

大利 Big Auspicious

六白 Heavenly Star

凶星 Inauspicious Stars

寡宿 Lonely Star

披麻  Mourning Star

岁破 Destruct Grand Duke

Zodiac Ox Overall Luck

This year the Ox are in side conflict (in destruction effect) with the Grand Duke of 2024. However, their overall luck will be much better than last year. With the Heavenly Virtue “天德” star, the Ox can get timely help from the noblemen to resolve all difficulties. Fortune Star “福星” & Fortune Virtue “福德” indicate the presence of happy events, the Ox is expected to be promoted and businesses are booming. The love luck of the Ox is not good due to the negative effects of unlucky stars, Lonely Star “寡宿.


生肖牛 | 总体运势



Ox Wealth Luck 2024

In terms of wealth, with the presence of auspicious stars, the fortune of the Ox people will be very promising in 2024. The Ox will have good fortune, they will do well in both salary income and investment wealth. Salaried workers who want to change jobs or get a promotion may do so, and those in business may also want to expand their business field. Two auspicious stars of Fortune Star “福星” and Fortune Virtue “福德” have entered their lives, bringing good investment and development opportunities for Ox people.


生肖牛 | 财运



Ox Career Luck 2024

In 2024, with the help of “板鞍” Saddle Star & Heavenly Virtue “天德”, the Ox will be very lucky in their career development, and their salary income will be greatly improved. The Ox people need to show their strength and talents in given tasks, get the appreciation of bosses, and have opportunities for promotion. With the Heavenly Virtue “天德” shining upon them, no matter what difficulties the Ox encounter in their career this year, they can get timely help from the noblemen to resolve all obstacles.


 生肖牛 | 事业运



Ox Romance Luck 2024

In 2024, the overall love luck of the Ox is not good due to the negative effects of unlucky stars, namely Mourning Star “披麻”  and Lonely Star “寡宿”. These stars will cause disputes between the Ox and their loved ones, and wreak havoc in their relationship with others. Anger management is important especially if they are married or prepared to tie the knot. For single Ox, they need to improve their external temperament and internal cultivation, this helps to give others a clean and refreshing feeling.


生肖牛 | 感情运

在感情方面,由于凶星 “批麻”和“寡宿”不断给你带来的的负面影响,属牛的朋友今年整体爱情运势不佳。这些凶星会引起你和所爱的人之间的纠纷不断,亦会破坏你与他人的和睦关系。情绪管理是很重要的,特别是已经结婚或准备结婚的属牛朋友。对于单身的朋友来说,切记需要提高自己的外在气质和内在修养,来化解因情感不顺带来的烦恼。


Ox Health Luck 2024

As for health luck in 2024, the Ox will not face any major health problems. However, due to side conflict (destruction) with the Grand Duke “太岁”, they might experience emotional stress which causes some mental well-being issues. One of the most effective ways to prevent this is by keeping themselves away from troublemakers who affect them emotionally. For those who have relatively hectic work schedules and high work pressure, they should pay attention to dietary health and hygiene, weekly physical exercise is encouraged.


生肖牛 | 健康运




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