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8 Auspicious Feng Shui Plants For Your Home

8 Auspicious Feng Shui Plants For Your Home

Feng Shui is a form of energy that comes from nature. It helps to improve the quality of life. The element of Feng Shui is positive energy and each Feng Shui plant has its own power. 

There are some ways to give the best Feng Shui in your house. One of the most popular ways is Feng Shui plants. We believe that Feng Shui plants are able to balance the energy in your home. 

Expert Says: How the Bagua Affects Your House’s Energy?

Chi expert suggests using a bagua to describe the Feng Shui energy characteristics of a home.

Basically, the bagua originated from China. It looks like a simple map contains 8 symbols. Each symbol represents the chi. Usually chi experts are using the bagua to count the energy in your house.

Using the bagua can help a person to see how certain aspects of their life are connected to the areas of their home. Bagua is a Feng Shui diagram that outlines nine areas of a person’s life: money, fame and reputation, family, personal relationship and health. It also connects to your spiritual health, children and creativity, as well as education and travel. 

Each part of the Feng Shui map contains specific energy elements that help people live as they should. Family and physical health, which is located on the east side of your home. You can use the wood element and the water element in this area, but do not use too many fireplaces or to have many metal shelves.  

Specifically, the Pros say that plants are good for the home because they enhance the energy of the area. Plants give off a different energy in a room and they are perfect for a wood interior design theme.

It’s important that the plants in your home are healthy and beautiful. Healthy and beautiful plants bring positive Feng Shui into your home. It’s important that plants in your home are alive and well, and that they look vibrant and healthy, so they can attract more good energy to the house.

How Plants Can Affect Your House’s Energy?

How Plants Can Affect Your House’s Energy

Plants are like living things; they can give life to tired, weak, or lifeless spaces. Plants are like a living organism that is always changing and growing. They also help people take action and start to make changes in their lives. 

Chi experts agree that plants give life to a space by bringing the wood element into it. It is one of the five elements of Feng Shui. The environment encourages people to be healthy, to have energy that is able to enable them to go to work outside their homes, and to enjoy exploring the world.  

Plants help us breathe well, and that’s what is essential to our health and well-being. Greenery reflects the natural, life-giving energy that is inherent in every living thing. Every living thing needs that to get the best life.

8 Best Feng Shui Plants for Your House

Feng Shui plants can also give balanced energy in your house or office. There are 8 best Feng Shui plants that can help bring positive energy to your surroundings.

Money Plant

Money Plant

Money plants offer positive energy and are best placed in the wealth and health areas of your home.

Commonly used to help attract wealth and prosperity, money tree is one of the most popular Feng Shui plants. Place your money plant in the southeast or east part of your home. This part is the area of your home where you have the most wealth.

Snake Plant

Snake Plant

These indoor plants are great for bringing good fortune and wealth. Snake plants look like the sword or a snake (Sansevieria). They serve as a great protector. It’s best positioned near your front door or by a big window. 

It’s good in an office or at home because it creates a sense of being focused and positive in a space. Avoid putting a snake plant in the main bedroom or child’s room to balance the Feng Shui of bedrooms.

Hedgehog Aloe

Hedgehog Aloe

Hedgehog Aloe is also great for Feng Shui because it offers a very peaceful energy to your surroundings.

They have succulent leaves like a snake, and create relaxing and positive energy in a room. It’s also a natural air purifier that will make your air clean and fresh, which is also good for Feng Shui.

Philodendron Tree

Philodendron Tree

Philodendrons are great for creating a welcoming and peaceful Feng Shui. It’s best to place it in the wealth or health areas of your home. You can also place it in the place of your wealth in the house.

Rubber Plant

Rubber Plant

The rubber plant can be positioned anywhere in the home to provide a feeling of reassurance and protection. If you need to feel secure in the house, the rubber Tree is great for creating a feeling of security and peace in your home.

Rubber plants are great at removing toxins from your home and helping to brighten your dining room. It’s similar to the philodendron, which offers a peaceful, relaxing energy and helps to bring peace and happiness. The best place to put a rubber plant is in the southeast and east parts of your home.



Ficus is one of the best Feng Shui plants for your house. It’s great for the health of your family by purifying the air in your house. It’s also a taller plant that makes smaller houses seem larger. 

Pothos Tree

Pothos Tree

Pothos trees are great natural air purifiers in areas of your home, such as above the kitchen or in other neglected areas. 

It’s extremely easy to grow and is very low-maintenance Feng Shui plants, and will be very happy to live in your house if you forget to water it. 

Calathea Tree

Calathea Tree

Calatheas are very attractive house plants that will improve the looks of any room in your home. If you see the bagua map, the Calathea tree is fit for the south area in your house.

They will help your fame and improve your reputation. Calatheas are very aesthetically pleasing Feng Shui plants, and they also make great air purifiers.

Final Thoughts

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