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Feng Shui Room: 6 Tips For Homeowners in Singapore

Feng Shui Room: 6 Tips For Homeowners in Singapore

Feng Shui, the most ancient Chinese method of planning and designing interiors, aims to create balance and harmony among various objects. The incorporation of Feng Shui into a design plan will do much more than provide a room with amenities or make it look nice. It will make your life more fulfilling. It emphasizes how to be healthy, achieve good health, and have loving and peaceful relationships. These things are facilitated by allowing good energy to flow and removing the negative energy.

In Feng Shui, it is about the placement of elements around a house in order to maximize its own energy flow. It is composed of two words: feng, which means wind, and then shui, which means water. They are the elements that are essential to our being and are essential to our life. Moreover, they are also what move and flow throughout the entire world.

Good Feng Shui room elements to incorporate


This element represents our need to grow and stay healthy. Placing a wood element in your space is considered to be a sign that you are growing as a person. Plants or simple furniture that is made from wood are good ways to include this element in your space.


It symbolizes intelligence and logic. It promotes clarity of thought and allows people to know everything that is important. This element is perfect to add in a space by using metal frames or a sculptural piece.


It represents balance and stability. It supports your emotions and  allows you to be grounded and stable. Try incorporating earth elements like crystals, rocks and other earthy images into your designs.


Water features wisdom and peace. It will give you a feeling of being peaceful and secure. Mirrors, aquariums, or surface reflections are great ways to bring the water element into a space.


The fire element symbolizes energy and passion. It represents passion, energy and transformation. Use scented candles or other decorative items to reflect the color red in a room.

6 good Feng Shui room tips for your home

There are dozens of things that Feng Shui experts recommend you do in order to make your home more comfortable and effective. But it does not mean that you have to learn all the Feng Shui details at once. 

This list below contains simple Feng Shui room design recommendations that will allow you to quickly change the look and feel of your home.

1. Clear your entryway

Feng Shui tells us that the doorway into our homes is like ‘the mouth of qi’. It allows the energy of ‘Qi’ to enter our homes and our lives. As soon as guests enter your home, it’s very noticeable that you have kept your area clean and tidy. Being able to clean and keep your home spotlessly and neatly allows ‘Qi’ energy to flow easily throughout your home.

2. Declutter your home

If there are things that you are reluctant to discard, even if they have very little defects, it is high time that you do so. By doing this, you are showing that you respect the place where you live. Chinese traditional beliefs say that before disposing of useless but lovely things, owners should thank those things by serving them well and thereby causing their owners to be happy.

It’s also good to get rid of unnecessary things. It’s not good to have all the clothes you need in the wardrobe, as this will mean that there is no room for new things in your life. Also, don’t put things under a bed.

3. Let in light and air

Let in light and air

One of the tips of basic Feng Shui room advice includes many ways you can create more space and airiness in the rooms you own. Bright lights are a very good thing, as they promote a feeling of being happy, while dim light can cause you to become stressed, and can cause you to become anxious or cause you to have problems with your finances.

4. Place natural elements

You may also enjoy the look of outdoor living by placing flowers in your house. Some plants are preferable for Feng Shui purposes because they require a lot of water. The longer a flower stays in bloom, the healthier it will be. You can use lotus flowers, orchids, narcissus or chrysanthemums for this purpose. It can be helpful to have pots that are on top of the kitchen cabinets in order to add some greenery.

5. Fix the broken things

Some people have things that are damaged, or things that need to be fixed. According to the Feng Shui room guide, those old broken things that are in your home are a sign of you being troubled and failing, and they also cause problems. That is why you need to fix them to attract positive energy.

6. Placement of your furniture

How you place your furniture is also very significant when it comes to Feng Shui. This is done by remembering two words: ‘commanding position’, which means good support.

Living room

Living room

Place all the furniture that is in your living room in a commanding position. A large sofa should be positioned backed against the wall in order that it will be able to support your family securely. Place a sofa so that you can easily see the front door from the living room, but not be in line with it. Also, sharp corners give off a destructive energy known as poison arrows. Instead, go for round-cornered furniture because they help to soften the sharp energy. Buy round furniture that combines sharp lines with round corners, as it helps the flow of ‘Qi’


For optimum comfort and good Feng Shui in your bedroom, position your bed so:

  • It can be easily reached from both sides.
  • Have bedside tables on each of the 2 beds.
  • Does not face the front door.

You want to be able to get to bed easily, but you don’t want your bed to be very visible from the outside. Also, as difficult as it may seem, try to stay away from electronic devices in your bedroom. This includes TVs, computers and even mobile phones. These devices act as distracting devices that can interfere with your rest and sleep.

Home Office or Study Room

If your work is done at home, or you work with children who are in school, you might use Feng Shui to help you position your study or work table. Make sure to:

  • Tidy up your work/study space after using it
  • Have a solid wall behind your chair
  • Place the table where you can see your surroundings.

Final thoughts

Looking to understand Feng Shui principles and improve the overall energy of your home? Learn more about our home Fengshui consultation services to find out how we can improve the natural surrounding energy of your home to create a harmonious environment for you and your loved ones.


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