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  How to choose the right hotel room for travelling tips

  Choosing the right hotel for fengshui is an essential for travel. If you are looking for a good feng shui hotel, look for hotel room with higher floors with windows.


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Ritz Carlton Feng Shui

~ An Artist Impression of a Good Fengshui In Ritz Carlton Hotel Singapore with Bright Windows in Octagonal Shape, symbolizing strength and guidance for wealth.

Tips for a Good Fengshui Room

  Open Hotel Curtains and Allow Bright Light and Energy for Fengshui

 Fill the room with as much sunlight as possible. In fengshui, it is believed that darkness represents excessive yin energy. Staying in a hotel room without windows may cause uneasiness.

  Flush the toilet when first entering a hotel room, Keep Toilet Bowl Close and Sealed

This supposedly symbolizes the removal of unwanted energies from previous guests and a new beginning. Also, it is recommended that you switch on all the lights in the room to enhance yang energy. A room that is unoccupied for a period of time contains much yin energy, which may cause uneasiness. Always keep toilet bowl close and seal to prevent yin energy

 Keep the Hotel Room Bathroom Well Lit 

In a hotel room bathroom, keep the hotel room toilet brightly lit. This would prevent stagnant energy or dark energy that will cause negative ‘qi’ from flowing in.

 Do Not

 Don’t sleep under a beam

Avoid sleeping directly beneath beams, especially sloping beams, as this supposedly causes emotional stress. If the bed is positioned underneath a beam, try to position yourself away from the said structure if possible.

 Don’t face a mirror while sleeping

When assessing fengshui, mirror placement is an important factor. It is not ideal for a mirror to be placed directly opposite the bed as this creates emotional stress and leaves you feeling uneasy. Therefore, if you happen to be in a hotel room with such a layout, you can consider covering the mirror with a towel for a good night’s rest.

 Don’t leave your unused shoes pointed towards the interior of accommodation

In fengshui, it is believed that worn shoes carry negative energies accumulated from the outside. As the tip of shoes act as the channeling point of these energies, it is recommended that you position your footwear towards the outside or walls to negate this effect.

 Don’t leave a bed unoccupied while you sleep

While you are most likely to get a twin bedded room only if you’re staying with somebody, there are instances when a hotel may only have this room configuration left for single occupants. In such cases, it is recommended that the occupant mess up the unoccupied bed and put large objects (i.e. a bag) on it.

Avoid booking hotel room on level 4 and 14th 

The unlucky numbers can be a sign for badluck, these hotel levels in the metaphysics is not favourable as it reminds the word death in chinese.

 Do not sleep with Sharp Edges 

Shap edges pointing towards you is a sign for sha ‘qi’ and can bring in sharp arrows of negative energy in the environment.


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