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Master Kieron

Fengshui Master

Decades of experience guiding people just like you toward a life of success.

I am committed to use my knowledge in Chinese Meta-physics & Buddhism of 20 years to help people improve their lives, help them resolve their worldly problem so that every one can live a healthy, happy and full filling life


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Mdm Liu’s family

Newly Born Baby Boy

In Sep 2018, Master QiYong help Mdm Liu’s family audited and rejuvenated their house feng shui with much positive Chi. Shortly after the improved house feng shui, the Matriarch conceived their long awaited son (they already have a 6 years old daughter then), and they have also consulted Master on their son birth date and time (Cesarean delivery date) and auspicious name selection. After one year, they visited Master with their newly born baby boy and to understand more on the baby’s new name. Master is so delighted to see the Mum and baby boy both healthy and happy. With precise application of feng shui and Chinese astrology, Master has helped another family dream come true.


Mdm Heng

Life Improvement

In Apr 2019, Master QiYong did a house feng shui audit for Mdm Heng to improve the overall well-being of her family. Very shortly after tuning the house feng shui or chi with enhancers and remedies, she feedback that there is significant improvement in her husband’s health. Since her marriage many years ago, her husband already has habitual cough, family members can even hear his cough before he step into the house. About one week after rejuvenate the house feng shui, the Patriarch’s habitual cough has significantly reduced and improved. Their son has also done well in his studies with self-motivation, without her worrying. Another happy customers who have benefitted from Master’s feng shui advice.


Mr Chen W.S

Career Improvenment

In May 2018, Mr Chen W.S engaged Master QiYong’s feng shui consultation service for his new house. Master selected and advised Mr Chen on the auspicious dates & time for ground breaking and move-in. At the same time, he followed Master’s advice to renovate his new house. After move-in, Master fine-tuned Mr Chen’s new house with the required enhancers and remedies. Within 2 months, Mr Chen get promoted in his career with better salary and is also enjoying his newly wed life in his new house. In 3rd quarter of 2019, he shared that he is up for another promotion soon. Although after his promotion, Mr Chen get busier but he feels life is much full-filling. Master feels so happy for Mr Chen as the feng shui done has given so much positive vibes to Mr Chen and his family.

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