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Rose Quartz Wealth Tree Fengshui Product

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Rose Quartz Wealth Tree

Materials: Rose Quartz Crystal, Resin

Size: 30cm x 25cm x 25cm

The Rose Quartz Crystal is known for its ability to enhance your love life and improve your overall luck. For those without a significant other, this crystal will help to attract a life partner while for those who are in a relationship, this crystal will expedite the process and bring you into a blissful marriage. This crystal is also loved for its ability to revitalize stale marriages and bring that spark and fire back into your relationship.

The Rose Quartz crystal works both ways by helping to heighten your sense of empathy, allowing you to forge deeper and richer connections and dispelling negative emotions such as jealousy and resentment. This helps you to achieve inner peace and self-love.

General benefits of a Rose Quartz Wealth Tree:

  • Forge deeper and richer relationships
  • Attract true love
  • Improve overall luck

Rose Quartz Wealth Tree placement and benefits:

  • Placing it in the Earth sector of the living room brings harmony amongst family members
  • Placing it on your desk improves attentiveness and improves memory
  • To maximize the benefits, you should place the Rose Quartz Wealth Tree based on your home’s energy map.

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