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Tag: Qi flow

Yin Yang Feng Shui Decoration that improves Qi Flow

Fengshui World Guide to Qi Flow

A harmonious and balanced home empowers its occupants to thrive. To create a harmonious and balanced home, you should consider getting your home energy mapped out and optimally arranged with a Feng Shui master. At its core, feng shui is about creating balance and harmony in your surroundings to improve your overall well being. The…

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Fengshui World is one of Singapore’s leading Fengshui Consultancies. Our industry presence is prominent and significant with a total of 5 galleries in People’s Park Centre (2 outlets), Waterway Point, Bedok Mall and Heartland Mall.


Our wealth of experience and expertise in the Fengshui and Bazi discipline enables us to help our clients improve their quality of life through the path of least resistance.


At Fengshui World, we believe in “Better Fengshui, Better Life”.

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