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Using 5 Elements Feng Shui Colors For Your Home

Using 5 Elements Feng Shui Colors For Your Home

Feng Shui translates to “wind-water” in Chinese. One of the many uses of Feng Shui gives us guidelines on how to properly place furniture as well as arrange a room to gain harmony in living spaces. 

5 elements Feng Shui colors are directly associated with wood, earth, fire, metal, and water, play a big role in this practice. These objects are filled with energy, called as ‘chi’ 

Some people believe that our choice of color in a space is not just as important as just being conscious of what we think; rather, we need to analyze all the things that are in a space, in order to create coherence in your home renovation.


Wood is one of the 5 Feng Shui elements that brings life and growth to our world. When you place furniture of the wood element in your kitchen, bedroom, or living room it can exude a warm and comforting energy.

  • Bagua Directions: Southeast, East
  • Colors: Green, Brown, Purple

Highlight your wooden furnitures

You can simply add some furniture and decor made from wood to include the Feng Shui element of wood in areas of your home. This includes everything that you would use wooden for, such as tables, chairs, and even decorations! If your home is big enough to accommodate a lot of wood, installing paneling around the perimeter of your house is a really creative way to use the wood.

Add columns structure

Tall columns and pillars look like they’re designed to support the solid trunks of large trees. You can create a very strong look in your home while still using the energy that comes from having solid wood. You may want to go all out and actually have columns installed in your home, or you may want a more subtle look with floor-to-ceiling curtains or a set of vertical patterned curtains.



Earth is one of the 5 elements Feng Shui colors that is associated with health, happiness, and being able to have good relationships. It represents strength and stability in family and love relationships. 

Using earth colors, materials, and other earthy elements in your home can generally help you focus your energy in a way that reflects your values.

  • Bagua Directions: Northeast, Center, Southwest
  • Colors: Pink, Yellow, Blue, Orange

Incorporating natural materials

Furnishings that are made from earthy materials are a great way to reflect the earth element in any room of the house. Get some pottery and a few Feng Shui plants in the living room or a pair of earthenware vases in the kitchen or put a couple of granite countertops in the bathroom to create a space that reflects the earth.

Decor using earth tones

If you’re looking for decor that allows you to feel connected to the earth in some way, such as a bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom — think earthy colors that are soothing and peaceful. These warm colors help people feel good especially about themselves and help them to have healthy, stable, and happy relationships.


If you want to feel more significantly confident or if you want to have more passion in life, consider including some fire as one of the five Feng Shui elements in the room of the house to help you feel more energetic and happy.

This energetic element of Feng Shui can often be seen in many different ways to create a sense of energy and harmony in your home.

  • Bagua Direction: South
  • Colors: Orange, Red

Fire for additional warmth

Fireplaces or pits that are designed to resemble fires are great for bringing people together and letting them feel the warmth of the fire. You still have options for decorating spaces in your home that have no fireplace or have no outdoor fire pit with some kind of aromatic candles.

Decorate your house with oranges and reds

Red and orange are part of the 5 elements Feng Shui colors that are strongly linked with the fire element. Try to use them when you want to give your rooms a fiery, energetic energy. However if red is too overwhelming for your room, consider adding some orange accents to it, or even adding orange pillows to it.


Metal elements can help you to have an artistic and wanderlust feel at home. This one of 5 element Feng Shui colors has a great solution to put in your home office to help you stay productive and stay plugged in, and it can also be used in your store rooms to help you stay organized and get around when you are on your travels.

  • Bagua Directions: Northwest, West
  • Colors: Gray, White, Black

Use neutral colors

White, black, and gray are also part of the 5 elements Feng Shui colors that are good to incorporate into your home if you have a lot of metal in the house; so try sticking to a more subdued palette when you decorate with metal.

Use cream or white colors that are bright and airy in family rooms to help children feel secure and comfortable. Contrarily, some people prefer to use more dark shades in their homes than lighter shades, such as black or charcoal, to create an atmosphere that is more conducive to working creatively.

Decor using metallic colors

Additionally, you can also incorporate the energy of metal by using ornaments that reflect the energy of the metal, such as large decorative mirrors and a few beautiful silver ornaments. 

In the living rooms, place a big statement mirror and other ornaments that show off your personality. For example, you can put a beautiful, large gold or copper mirror. 

Mirrors can help you focus your energy; they can also be used as a decorative element in a room like a living room or an office.



When you balance the different elements of Feng Shui, don’t overlook the water energy that is so strong. Water moves things around. It’s like a jet that moves water, and it affects everything that you do. If what you are trying to achieve is to become more successful and motivated at work, then the water element in each room of the house is certainly what you are looking for.

  • Bagua Direction: North
  • Colors: Blue, Black

Experiment using black

Black is one of the 5 elements Feng Shui colors that symbolizes the deep sea and provides strong protection. It’s probably not a good idea to paint an area of a room black, but you can use black accents to add a personal touch to your rooms. 

Try using decorative light fittings that are accented with a little bit of dark textured paint in your rooms. If you have an entryway that leads to your living room, try covering it in a dark shade of grey.

Add water features

It’s easy to add the water element to any room in the house by adding water features. This includes things like water fountains, ponds, swimming pools, and aquariums. Some people don’t want to spend big money on a large water feature, but small water features like a bowl covered with water and flowers or a fish tank can work just as nicely.

Final thoughts

Looking to understand Feng Shui principles and improve the overall energy of your home? Learn more about our home Fengshui consultation services to find out how we can improve the natural surrounding energy of your home to create a harmonious environment for you and your loved ones.


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