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5 Things You Should Know Before Your Bazi Consultation

Many people are always looking for insights into how they can achieve personal growth and success in life. Some people take this desire to a whole new level and hire a Bazi consultant to help them achieve their goals.

What is Bazi actually? And how do you know what to expect and when you might need a Bazi analysis? This article will help you answer these questions and many more.

1. Bazi – What is it?

Bazi – What is it?

Bazi is the term used to describe a reading of the stars. It is not just any reading, though. Bazi readings are special because they can reveal a lot about your life, your character, and even what you want to achieve in life. In some cases, they can even help you avoid potential disasters in your life or the lives of those close to you.

The way that a Bazi chart reading works is by taking into account your date of birth, time of birth, time zone, location of birth and more. It is then used to look at the cycles in relation to each other so that an accurate prediction can be made.

Using the Bazi personality analysis, we can also define what people are like. We will examine whether the character of a person is sociable and talkative, or perhaps more introverted in nature. We can see if they are fickle-minded or particularly stubborn. The list of things that a Bazi analysis can read goes on and on, and the possibilities for Bazi reading are quite infinite.

It is also possible to interpret the Bazi chart reading using this sort of personal analysis. This is also called Bazi interpretation, because it can determine a person’s luck and wealth over certain time periods. You can see what the future holds in store for you in ten years time, for example, or you can even find out how much luck you will have in the next month.

The many ways to read and interpret Bazi charts, as it is based on different schools of thought. The method of interpreting a Bazi reading has developed and changed over thousands of years.

2. Bazi’s Connection to Feng Shui

One of the main reasons that Bazi is so popular is because it was influenced by the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui. Feng shui has been around for thousands of years, and it has now been brought and implemented to the modern world in many different aspects of life. 

People may incorporate Feng Shui principles in how they tackle problems and make decisions; some even use auspicious Feng Shui colors for their home renovation and interior design ideas.

Feng Shui and Bazi are both ancient Chinese practices that date back to the times of the ancient Chinese emperors. When it comes to a Bazi reading, you can expect your consultant to look at your chart before implementing it into an Imperial Feng Shui fortune telling that will bring you luck and fortune.

3. The origins of Imperial Feng Shui

The origins of Imperial Feng Shui

The Qian Long Emperor of the Qing Dynasty is a prominent advocate for Imperial Feng Shui.

It was a way of thinking that was historically reserved for the Emperor of China and for the Chinese royal family. The Emperor of China favored the art of Imperial feng shui over other pathways of thinking.

Imperial Feng Shui has to do with the most important factor that affects our success. They try to read the lines between one’s destiny and one’s luck.

The foundation of the regular, more classic way of Feng Shui is to predict things that will happen in the future. If you practice Imperial Feng Shui, however, you are learning to act pragmatically, with the aim of changing the future for your better.

The treasures of the Imperial Feng Shui may affect your cycle of personal fortune. This will then enable you to prosper in many parts of your life. This includes more personal aspects, such as your family life and love life, or even more professional aspects, such as in your career and wealth. In short, Imperial Feng Shui aims at helping individuals achieve the outcomes they want.

4. How can Bazi help individuals?

When it comes to a Bazi reading, the way that the consultant uses his skills and knowledge of the art of Feng Shui is one of the most important factors. The consultant will then analyze your chart to predict how you can achieve your goals in life.

The results will also help you to decide on how you can achieve success in your personal and professional life. Your results may also provide advice on what might happen in the future, and whether or not it is worth trying to achieve a certain goal. It may even give you insight into what other people are thinking about you and your decisions.

Remember that every individual has their own uniqueness, and each person has their own destiny. Therefore, a Bazi reading will give you a unique reading that is just for you. However, in the same manner that your reading will be tailored into a one-of-a-kind analysis and insight into your life, the same uniqueness goes for the consultants that perform your reading.

You can expect any one consultant to come up with slightly differing readings of your chart. The results may vary based on their level of expertise, the amount of experience they have under their belt, or whether or not they’ve received proper training or certification. If you want the best, you may want to look for a professional who has been thoroughly trained in the art.

5. What to expect and prepare for a Bazi consultation

There are many things that you should be prepared for before scheduling a bazi consultation. You should know the main information needed to complete your chart, such as details surrounding your birth. Bazi readings have been described as interactive readings, which means that they rely heavily on the communication between the consultant and client during their session.

At a Bazi consultation, the expert will be able to point out which of the attributes in your Bazi chart are favorable and which ones are not favorable. In addition to that, you will learn more about your cycle of fortune and luck and the areas in which you can achieve success, such as in terms of your career.

Some places will then give you trinkets related to the Imperial Feng Shui treasures, which are suitable for you to nurture and achieve your personal growth and success.

Concluding words

Looking to gain insights into areas of your life pertaining to wealth, career, relationship, and self-development? Our personal Bazi consultation services help you discover your base nature and luck cycle, and provide actionable tips and advice on navigating through life obstacles successfully.


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