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Business Fengshui Consultation

Tuning your business or commercial property’s Fengshui will help you to maximize your wealth and business opportunities by creating a harmonious work environment, keeping your workforce both physically and mentally healthy. This enables smooth operations, which contributes greatly to increasing the productivity, innovation and prosperity of your business.

Here at Fengshui World, our Singaporean Fengshui Masters are industry veterans with more than 20 years of experience and a proven track record of helping businesses thrive! This Business Fengshui Consultation is beneficial for all businesses in all sectors, regardless of which stage your business is currently in! With good Fengshui, we can help you take your business to the next level!

Business Feng Shui Service Includes

Bazi destiny analysis of business owner(s)

For our Business and Commercial Fengshui Consultation, our Fengshui Masters will start with a Personal Bazi Consultation of the business owner(s). This crucial step is taken to understand the level of compatibility between partners. Some of the information that will be revealed during this session include: style of conducting business, business acumen as well as how each of you benefits each other.

On-site Feng Shui analysis

Our Fengshui Masters will then proceed to conduct a thorough on-site Fengshui analysis of your property, taking special note of the wealth and opportunity sectors of your commercial property as well both internal and external Fengshui factors.

Face-to-face Feng Shui report consultation

Once the On-site Fengshui Analysis is completed, you will then receive a Fengshui report of your commercial property. The Fengshui report will include both your Personal Bazi Chart(s) as well as the proposed adjustments needed to improve your property’s Fengshui.

Auspicious move-in/renovation date

Included in our Business and Commercial Fengshui Consultation are the auspicious renovation and move-in dates! This is to ensure that you and your business partner(s) reap the full benefit of our Business Fengshui Consultation.

Complimentary follow-up session (3 months after)

Lastly, the final step in our Business and Commercial Fengshui Consultation is the complimentary follow-up session 3 months after the Fengshui report collection. This session is meant for us to know how things have progressed and we would provide additional suggestions and advice based on your unique circumstance if necessary.

Other Business Feng Shui Services

Property selection

Selecting the right commercial property is a force multiplier. Having the right energy encourages innovation and productivity, allowing your business to prosper.

Auspicious company name selection

A company’s name is much more than just words. It represents the spirit and soul of your enterprise. An auspicious name will manifest success by carrying the right energy every time it’s expressed.

Auspicious opening/move-in date

Selecting an auspicious date to open and move-in represents starting your journey with your best foot forward, starting your journey right. Starting with the right energy enables you to persevere and prosper.

How does the business Feng Shui consultation process work?

Step 1

Careful analysis of business owner(s)' Bazi chart (time, date & country of birth)

Step 2

On-site Feng Shui analysis, taking both external and internal Feng Shui as well as personal Bazi into account

Step 3

Face to face report consultation (includes auspicious move-in / renovation / placement dates)

Step 4

Complimentary follow-up session (3 months after)

Business Feng Shui

*Prices inclusive of GST


Qimen Saint - Dez Ng
Business Fengshui + Qimen Dunjia Divination
$1.07 / sq ft

Master Kieron
< 500 sq ft
< 800 sq ft
< 1,000 sq ft
< 2,000 sq ft
Additional services
Annual Commercial Feng Shui
Fengshui World Review
Mdm Heng Life Improvement

In Apr 2019, Master Kieron Chua QiYong did a house Fengshui audit for Mdm Heng to improve the overall well-being for her family. Very shortly after tuning the house's Fengshui and Chi with enhancers and remedies, Mdm Heng feedbacked that there has been a significant improvement in her husband’s health. Since her marriage many years ago, her husband already has habitual cough, her family members can even hear his cough before he step into the house. About one week after the rejuvenation of her house's Fengshui, Mdm Heng's husband's habitual cough significantly reduced. Their son has also done well in his studies with self-motivation, without her worrying. Another happy customer who has benefitted from Master’s Fengshui advice.

Mdm Liu’s Family Newly Born Baby Boy

In Sep 2018, Master Kieron Chua QiYong helped Mdm Liu’s family audit and rejuvenate their house Fengshui with much positive Chi. Shortly after the improved house Fengshui, the Mdm Liu conceived their long awaited son (they already have a 6 years old daughter then), and they have also consulted Master Kieron Chua on their son's birth date and time (Cesarean delivery date) and auspicious name selection. After one year, they visited Master Kieron Chua with their newly born baby boy and to understand more on the baby’s new name. Master Kieron Chua is so delighted to see the mum and baby boy both healthy and happy. With precise application of Fengshui methodologies and Chinese astrology, Master Kieron Chua has helped make the dream of Mdm Liu's family come true.

Mr Chen W. S. Career Improvement

In May 2018, Mr Chen W. S. engaged Master Kieron Chua QiYong's Fengshui consultation service for his new house. Master Kieron Chua selected and advised Mr Chen on the auspicious dates & time for ground breaking and move-in. At the same time, he followed Master Kieron Chua's advice on how to renovate his new house. After the move-in, Master Kieron Chua finetuned Mr Chen's new house with the required enhancers and remedies. Within 2 months, Mr Chen got promoted in his career with a higher salary and is also enjoying his newlywed life in his new house.

Yu Mon Quality Service

The consultant at Fengshui World explained the nature of birth stones in great detail when he was creating my bracelet. After wearing it almost everyday for 8 months, the band experienced some wear and tear. The people at Fengshui World were nice enough to offer me a new free-of-charge replacement. I am very satisfied with Fengshui World’s quality of service and have recommended them to my friends — who have purchased a new bracelet for herself at the Bedok Mall outlet.

Fengshui Review, Fengshui Services Testimonial
David Ng Career Improvement

My wife started off wearing the bracelet which is meant for her “Sheng Chen Ba Zi (生辰八字)”. Prior to wearing the bracelet, she had always been job hopping and was unable to settle down with a job. After wearing the bracelet for a few months, there was a good turn of fortune and she has become a business owner of a clothes alteration kiosk for the past 3 years. Witnessing her success, I bought a bracelet for myself as well. Within a few months, I landed myself a new job with a higher pay and a better position. I have since recommended a few of my friends to Margaret at Fengshui World and all of them have shared positive feedback. After a year, I returned and bought a series of items with good Feng Shui and I highly recommend people in need of life advice to look for Fengshui World.

Fengshui Testimonial, Feng Shui World
Toh Yan Koon Gabriel Career Improvement

I chanced upon Master Dez’s Qimen Session on Facebook Live and was intrigued by his proposition.One fortunate day, I was honoured to receive an invitation from Master Dez. At that time, I was close to being out of job, and job seeking is hardly an easy process. As fate and chance presented themselves, I accepted the invitation from Master Dez. Master Dez asked for my Bazi and used his extensive Qimen skills to analyze my career prospects. He provided me with 2 dates that were best to have my job interview session arranged. He asked for the floor plan and front door compass direction of my home. Master Dez then advised me on areas which I can work on to improve my success rate in job seeking and interviews. With great confidence, my job interview went on smoothly — the interviewer was friendly and understood my condition. After shifting my seat to the specific area that Master Dez has advised, I was receiving more job offers. In a short span of 2 weeks, I was shortlisted for a role and got the job. I was truly amazed by the power of Qimen Divination. I am very grateful for Master Dez’s expertise that has helped me tremendously. Thank you very much, Master Dez.

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