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Auspicious Marriage Date Selection

How does the auspicious marriage date consultation process work?

Step 1

Congratulations! Let us know your proposed date range to get married

Step 2

Careful analysis couple's unique Bazi (time, date & country of birth)

Step 3

Cross reference with parents-in-law's Chinese Zodiac sign

Step 4

Selection of auspicious ROM and traditional marriage date based on the information provided

Auspicious Date Selection

*Prices inclusive of GST

Auspicious Date Selection (Marriage)

Some days are better than others.

For the important events in your life, it’s important to commemorate it right. An auspicious date is carefully selected after considering your unique bazi reading and marriage palace to ensure a smooth, blissful, and fulfilling union.

Benefits of an auspicious date selection

  • Ensure things begin auspiciously
  • Introduce good fortune
  • Promotes harmony
  • Set the mood you desire

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