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Ultimate Guide to Baby Naming Service in Singapore

Engaging in baby naming service in Singapore helps you in making the best decision when it comes to naming your baby. These baby name selection consultants are certified with thorough experience and they have been in this line for years.

Auspicious Chinese name selection often involves paying to consult with masters of Feng Shui, Bazi, and other Chinese metaphysics schools. These master baby name selection consultants are also known as the famous Feng Shui masters in the community.

These masters are renowned for their expertise and knowledge in Chinese culture. But how do you choose the right master for auspicious baby name selection? Well, you’re in luck! This article will provide you with all the information you need to choose the right master.

Types of Baby Naming Service in Singapore

The methods to baby name selection are very diverse. This is because there are lots of schools of thought when it comes to picking between the baby naming service in Singapore. There are even some schools of thought that don’t have a preference when it comes to choosing the right baby name. This is why it’s best to consult with several different masters for the best results.

However, the best methods to baby name selection can be grouped into three categories:

The Bazi Theory Method

There is a Bazi theory that people can determine their fate by the two sexagenary cycles that are assigned to their birth years, months, days, and hours. These five things are also indicated by the four characters from the Heavenly Stems and the Early Branches.

They will form 60 different combinations which will give you your Bazi as a set of characters. The five elements of the Chinese alphabet are represented by the different characters in the alphabet, which means that each character represents one of the five elements of the Chinese alphabet, and by studying these characters you will be able to find out which element is missing or too strong.

If you know what a person’s physical and spiritual characteristics are, using the Bazi method will help you come up with a baby name that balances the five elements in a baby’s birth chart to achieve a happy and healthy life. If you are having a baby and you would like to name it according to the Chinese astrological system, there are Feng Shui masters in Singapore who will help you. The cost of their services ranges from $80 to $200.

The Chinese Character Method

Combining Chinese characters in a name creates many different meanings. Getting the right combination allows you to have a name that is more meaningful and elegant. So, you can choose different qualities for each character in your baby’s name.

The Strokes Method

Chinese believe that based on how many strokes someone has made, we can predict what will happen to that person and how their personality will behave. This is known as the theory of the number of strokes in Chinese characters. It is very useful in order to check whether there is a problem with a name that you have already decided on.

There are five groupings of the number of strokes. This involves your Heavenly Character, your Personal Character, the Earthly Character, the Total Character, and the External Character. Different numbers of strokes convey different meanings. Some numbers may be especially unlucky, while others may indicate great fortune.

After you have calculated the number of strokes that are required to make each of the five different character groups, you can then try to figure out the meaning of each of the character groups. Do compare all of the five groups, as opposed to picking and choosing as you see fit. This will help in giving you a clear answer.

What Affects Baby Name Selection

There are lots of factors that can affect baby name selection. When using a baby naming service in Singapore, you can expect these factors to play into the results of your consultation. 

For example, using a technique called Bazi Analysis to help you find the perfect name for your baby is very important. The real question is, where do you start? How can you tell which baby name is the right one from the others? You know, there is no way that you will get every name that you want for your baby. However, you can certainly have some guarantees that you will find the perfect name for your baby. The factors that can influence a reading includes:

1. The parents’ elements

Most people forget this part when they are thinking about choosing a name for their baby. Bazi analysis suggests that baby names should evoke good feelings and inspire strength in both parents. This way, the child’s traits complement the traits that both parents have.

2. The balance

If you use the techniques that Bazi has developed, you will be able to make wise decisions and be able to know more about yourself. It is important that all of these things are present in a baby name, and that it has a positive meaning. If there are names that you like, study them. Also, see what their meanings are. Choose a name that will make you feel good when you say it aloud.

3. The story

It is important for the names that people choose to be auspicious to be positive. As your children grow, make sure you tell them the stories that go with their names, and that you want them to always remember the good things that they have done. 

If you do that, your children will feel that they are welcomed and taken care of because they know that you are wonderful parents. This will enable them to have names that are full of good and powerful energy, which they will also have within themselves.

Final Thoughts on Baby Naming Service in Singapore

If you want to find the best baby naming service in Singapore, it is best to do some research. Make sure that you consult with a master baby name selection consultant who has had years of experience. This will ensure that you get the results that you want and that your baby’s name is a perfect fit for them.

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