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Fengshui Home Consultation

Do you want to find out how to maximize your wealth and business opportunities? To improve your chances of encountering noblemen? How about improving relationships within your household or boosting your peach blossom?

At Fengshui World Singapore, our Feng Shui Master can help you achieve these and much more!

Feng Shui utilizes ancient Chinese metaphysics to create a harmonious environment for you and your family. Special care is taken to analyse the Feng Shui of your bedrooms, allowing everyone to tap into the natural surrounding energy to excel and reduce the frictions of Life.

Home Feng Shui Services Include

Bazi destiny analysis

On-site Feng Shui analysis

Face to face Feng Shui report consultation

Auspicious move-in/renovation date

Complimentary follow-up session (3 months after)

Other Feng Shui Services

By Fengshui Master Kieron and Dez Ng

Unit selection

Looking for a new home is a big life decision. Our unit selection service takes into account your unique bazi reading to find the right home for you

Renovation consultation

Renovating your house truly makes it a home. Maximise the benefits of a renovation by improving the feng shui of your residence!

How does the home Feng Shui consultation process work?

Step 1

Careful analysis of the home owners' Bazi chart (time, date & country of birth)

Step 2

On-site Feng Shui analysis, taking both external and internal Feng Shui as well as personal Bazi into account

Step 3

Face to face report consultation (includes auspicious move-in / renovation / placement dates)

Step 4

Complimentary follow-up session (3 months after)

Home Feng Shui

*Prices inclusive of GST


Qimen Saint - Dez Ng
Fengshui + Qimen
$1.07 / sq ft

Master Kieron
3 Room HDB
4 Room HDB
5 Room HDB
Executive Apartment / Executive Maisonette

Qimen Saint - Dez Ng
Fengshui + Qimen
$1 / sq ft

Master Kieron
Studio / 2 Bedroom
3 Bedroom
4 Bedroom
5 Bedroom / Penthouse
Landed Property

Qimen Saint - Dez Ng
Per Unit

Master Kieron
1 Storey
2 Storeys
3 Storeys
Additional Services
Annual Residential Feng Shui
2 Years Service
Urgent Feng Shui

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Fengshui World is one of Singapore’s leading Fengshui Consultancies. Our industry presence is prominent and significant with a total of 7 galleries in People’s Park Centre (2 outlets), Chinatown Point, Waterway Point, Bedok Mall, Heartland Mall and Fu Lu Shou Complex.

Our wealth of experience and expertise in the Fengshui and Bazi discipline enables us to help our clients improve their quality of life through the path of least resistance.

At Fengshui World, we believe in “Better Fengshui, Better Life”.

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