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Fengshui Dog Zodiac

Overall Luck (运势)

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Career (事业)
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Wealth (财运)
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Health (健康)

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Romance (感情)
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Auspicious Stars 吉星

紫微 Imperial Purple,

龙德 Dragon Virtue,

玉堂 Jade Hall

Inauspicious Stars 凶星

暴败 Violent Defeat,

天厄 Heavenly Adversity,

天煞 Disaster Star

Zodiac Dog Overall Luck

In 2023, the overall luck of the Dog will increase and it is worth looking forward to. The Dog is very lucky to be supported by the two noble stars namely, “Imperial Purple” (紫微) and “Dragon Virtue” (龙德), which will greatly benefit their career and wealth. They can get timely help from the noblemen  to overcome obstacles and usher in a new life. However, the unlucky stars mainly”暴败” (Violent Defeat), “天厄” (Heavenly Adversity) and”天煞” (Disaster Star) are known to be detrimental to wealth and health.


Dog Wealth Luck 2023

Entering 2023, the wealth luck of the Dog is good with the help of lucky stars, “Purple” (紫微) and “Dragon Virtue” (龙德). The Dog can rely on these lucky stars to make a fortune, in terms of ​​career income and business revenue. With the support of the noblemen, increased opportunities will grow wealth. Unlucky stars, “暴败” (Violent Defeat) and”天厄” (Heavenly Adversity), may  erode their wealth, the Dog is advised to stay vigilant or risk unexpected financial bankruptcy incidents, especially for business owners.


Dog Career Luck 2023

In 2023, with the support of lucky stars, “Imperial Purple” (紫微) and “Dragon Virtue” (龙德), the career luck of the Dog is very strong regardless of industry. These stars also have the effect of turning bad luck into good luck. For employed workers, promotion and salary increase can be expected. Self-employed business owners can recruit competent assistants to help them with complicated tasks and continuously expand their business. 

Dog Romance Luck 2023

Entering 2023, although the Dog has a strong overall fortune, their romance luck is relatively flat. It is advisable to delay marriage plans. The married Dog may encounter emotional challenges. As the “暴败”(Violent Defeat) has a negative impact on the emotions of the Dog, their attitude towards their lover may be cold, with sweetness of the past lost. If they want to save their marriage, consider planning a pleasant overseas trip to relive the happiness of the past.


Dog Health Luck 2023

In 2023, the health luck of the Dog is mixed due to influence from good and bad stars. Affected by unlucky star, “天厄” (Heavenly Adversity), the health of the Dog will fluctuate greatly, with a high chance of getting sick or injured. Fortunately, there are lucky stars “Imperial Purple” (紫微) and “Dragon Virtue” (龙德) which will combat the unlucky stars, so the Dog shouldn’t worry too much. They need to pay more attention to their daily diet, avoiding excessively oily or salty food and exercising regularly. 



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