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Fengshui Dog Zodiac

Overall Luck (运势)

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Career (事业)
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Wealth (财运)
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Health (健康)
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Romance (感情)
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Auspicious Numbers
4 , 9 , 1 , 6
Auspicious Colours
White, Gold

Auspicious Stars 吉星

Flower Umbrella 华盖

Golden Deity 金神

Heavenly Star 六白

Inauspicious Stars 凶星

White Tiger 白虎

Great Killing 大煞

Zodiac Dog Overall Luck

In 2022, with zodiac ally Tiger around, the overall fortune is better than last year. Presence of a Flower Umbrella will boost up your artistic creativity and give you lots of inspiration at work. Your romance life is relatively flat and chances of meeting a desired partner this year is slim. You may encounter dissatisfaction from your partner due to lesser communication and mundane romance. Beware of injuries and accidents this year. Negative emotions, work pressure and unsatisfactory feelings will cause you to be annoyed easily. Resolve your unhappiness by sharing with your partner or friends, or go for a good vacation.


生肖狗 – 整体运程


Dog Wealth Luck 2022

In 2022, you could enhance your wealth by showing your talents and creativity. The burst of creative inspiration is of great benefit to future career development. However, not to be carried away with your ego and becoming too self-opinionated. With auspicious Star Golden Deity around, you could explore potential investment opportunities. In addition, the Dog zodiac will have a huge expenditure this year, especially for medical treatment. While taking care of their health, they must do a good job of financial management.





Dog Career Luck 2022

Entering 2022, your career luck is mixed but stable. Aid from Flower Umbrella star coupled with your intense effort will help you to realize your desire for promotion and salary increase. However, your extraordinary performance may result in loneliness. For those who are engaged in business, it may be difficult to find a satisfactory partner, the desire to cooperate with others is not high, everything may have to be done personally, and the work and psychological pressure may be high.





Dog Romance Luck 2022

In 2022, the Dog zodiac romance luck will be flat, and your love life will be unhappy. You tend to be stubborn in your thinking and do things in your own ways. This may cause displeasure to your partner. As for singles, you may have communication issue with opposite sex and prefer to live alone. Influence of the White Tiger unlucky star may cause to encounter grumpy opposite sex and will have frequent emotional entanglements. For those who are in love or married, your busyness at work may cause you to neglect your love life. This makes complaints from their partners a common affair.





Dog Health Luck 2022

This year, you need to be cautious of your health because of threats from unlucky stars. White Tiger and Great Killing can cause physical injury or bleeding as well as emotional stress or poor mental health issues. Therefore be very cautious if you are engaged in any high risk physical activities. The Great Killing Star may cause you to feel lonely this year. They feel that no one can understand themselves and may fall into depression or suffer from insomnia in severe cases.





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