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Fengshui Dragon Zodiac

Dragon (龙)

2023 Zodiac Dragon Prediction

Overall Luck (运势)

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Career (事业)

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Wealth (财运)

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Health (健康)

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Romance (感情)

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2023 Zodiac Dragon Overall Luck (生肖龙 – 整体运程)

Auspicious Stars 吉星

太阳 Great Sun,

天空 The Sky,

板鞍 Saddle Star,

小利 Small Auspicious Star


Inauspicious Stars 凶星

六害 Six Harms,

三碧 Argument Star


Zodiac Dragon Overall Luck

In 2023, the Dragon will have auspicious stars in their careers. The auspicious star “Great Sun” (太阳) represents the help of male noble people, who are superior and elderly. The Dragon may wish to expand their work focus or explore international businesses. Furthermore, the lucky star “The Sky” (天空) represents the endless creative inspiration that the Dragon can fully leverage on. At the same time, the Dragon must beware of the negative effects of the “Argument Star #3” (三碧星) which causes conflicts, domestic squabbles and trouble with authorities.



生肖龙 – 整体运程

今年,属龙的朋友事业上会有“太阳“吉星的照耀, 这代表有优越和年长男性贵人的帮助,如果您希望扩大发展外国业务或拓展新业务,务必多留意别错过机会。此外,“天空”吉星会激发您的创作灵感,发挥才华让您有机会事半功倍。同时,您必须警惕“三碧星”的影响,它会引发冲突、家庭争吵的烦恼。




Dragon Wealth Luck 2023

In 2023, the Dragon’s wealth fortune is generally optimistic, and the “Great Sun” (太阳) is shining more on the direct wealth (正财)side. Especially for men-related businesses, the Dragon will enjoy an abundance of customers and rapid wealth growth. If they manage to venture into overseas import and export business, a smooth business development process can be expected. In addition, with the “Sky” (天空), the Dragon can shine in their work due to the burst of inspiration and creative jobs or business opportunities will also increase. 




今年,属龙的朋友事业上会有“太阳“吉星的照耀, 这代表有优越和年长男性贵人的帮助,如果您希望扩大发展外国业务或拓展新业务,务必多留意别错过机会。此外,“天空”吉星会激发您的创作灵感,发挥才华让您有机会事半功倍。同时,您必须警惕“三碧星”的影响,它会引发冲突、家庭争吵的烦恼。



Dragon Career Luck 2023

The overall career luck of the Dragon in 2023 is good. With the blessing of the “Great” Sun (太阳), they will have the opportunity to get more of their employer’s attention. Those who are interested in a mid age career change may wish to reach out to the clients who had previously supported them. The Dragon in the management role will also be able to enhance their leadership, organisational skills, and influence this year, gaining recognition, respect and support from their subordinates.



2023年,在“太阳”吉星的照耀下,属龙的朋友财运比较乐观。特别是从事与男性相关的业务,客户和财富将会迎来快速地增长。如果您有机会扩展海外进出口业务,难得的发展机会可以预期。另外, “天空”吉星会帮助生肖龙的朋友在工作中激发灵感,工作中大放异彩,大大提升财富增长的机会。


Dragon Romance Luck 2023

Overall romance luck of the Dragon in 2023 is not good due to the negative effects of unlucky stars, “Six Harms” (六害) and “Argument Star” (三碧). These unlucky stars may cause disputes between the Dragon and their loved ones, wreaking havoc in their relationship with others. Therefore, the Dragon is advised to manage their emotion and argumentative nature. The single Dragon who wish to seek a soulmate may have a hard time doing so. They must constantly improve their temperament and image so as to attract the attention of the opposite sex. 



“六害“” 三碧“凶星带来的负面影响,使生肖龙的朋友今年的感情运不佳。它们容易引起您与爱人之间的纠纷,并破坏身边人的人际关系。因此,您应该控制自己的情绪,避免与他人争吵。单身属龙朋友今年想脱离单身并不容易,所以必须不断提升自己的内在气质和外在形象,以吸引异性的注意。


Dragon Health Luck 2023

Entering 2023, the health of the Dragon will be good, and they will rarely succumb to major diseases. However, the emotional aspect may not be as optimistic and requires more attention. In severe cases, the Dragon may suffer from insomnia, endocrine disorders, and severe hair loss due to the unlucky stars. As such, appropriate exercises to relieve stress in body and mind, such as yoga, cycling and jogging are recommended.

Dragon zodiac are afflicted by many health-related unlucky stars, especially minor physical problems. Plan your daily dietary and also work & rest balance well and strengthen their health with regular basic exercises. Ladies will have to take note of potential gynaecological issues. Do a medical check-up as a precautionary measure. The Mourning Gate Star may inflict its negative health effects on seniors in the family, therefore, ensure there are no home safety hazards. Lastly, be attentive while on the road.






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