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2024 Zodiac Dragon | 生肖龙​

Overall Luck (运势)

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Wealth (财运)

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Career (事业)

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Romance (感情)

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Health (健康)

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Auspicious Stars 吉星

岁驾 Reign Duke

华盖  Flower Umbrella

Inauspicious Stars 凶星

太岁 Grand Duke

剑锋 Sword’s Edge

三刑 Penalty Star

二黑星  Illness Star 2


Zodiac Dragon Overall Luck

Entering 2024, the Dragons are entering their natal year, their overall fortune will have many changes. This year’s challenges and opportunities coexist, however there are still opportunities to achieve dazzling achievements. In their career, the Dragons have the Reign Duke “岁驾” & Flower Umbrella “华盖”to shine upon them. They are expected to be valued by their bosses, their work abilities will be affirmed, and their salaries will also be improved. They should pay attention to the gossipers & back stabbers around them, as well as their own health condition changes.


生肖龙 | 整体运程


Dragon Wealth Luck 2024

Due to the lack of lucky wealth stars this year, the explosive power of wealth for the Dragons is not possible. Regardless of whether it is salary income or investment wealth, the increase is not large, and at most it can maintain a balance of income and expenditure. Dragons who are business owners will also struggle to make money this year, furthermore operating expenses have increased compared to the past. Their turnover revenue shows a trend of deteriorating and sluggish business. Once stock market fluctuates, they will also be the first to suffer the impact.


生肖龙 | 财运



Dragon Career Luck 2024

In 2024, Dragon people will be delighted to know that their career will be in stable state. Under the influence of lucky stars, Reign Duke “岁驾” & Flower Umbrella “华盖”, their salary or position can have chance to be improved and progressed. Teamwork will be highly important, the Dragons can only achieve major breakthrough if they work closely with colleagues, supervisors or business partners. The Dragons who are in the leadership role will be very busy this year as the company will be in the process of rapid expansion.


生肖龙 | 事业运



Dragon Romance Luck 2024

Due to the lack of lucky romance stars in 2024 and coupled with the negative influence of the Grand Duke “太岁” & Penalty Star “三刑”, the Dragons’ romance fortunes this year are not ideal, and they are easily disturbed by various trivial matters. Dragon people are emotionally alienated, and the overall romance life is unclear. Most of the peach blossoms encountered by Dragon people are unsatisfactory. Married Dragons have been estranged this year. For spouse, try to communicate more, understand and support each other, and don’t bring negative emotions from the workplace into their romantic lives.


生肖龙 | 感情运



Dragon Health Luck 2024

The Dragons will need to focus on health in 2024. The unlucky star, Sword’s Edge “剑锋” will cause accidental disasters and illnesses. They must beware of accidents, and they are more prone to injury by metal, therefore try to stay away from knives and sharp objects as much as possible. Work and rest should be balanced. Office workers and students may be prone to insomnia, poor sleep quality, unreasonable anxiety and irritability. The Dragons should get in touch with people and things with positive energy or adjust emotions through exercise.

生肖龙 | 健康运

在健康方面,属龙的朋友在2024年需要特别关注健康。 “剑锋”这颗凶星会给你带来意外的灾难和疾病方面的威胁。你们必须小心意外,今年更容易被金属伤害,因此尽量远离刀具和锋利的物体。工作和休息应该注意平衡,上班族和学生可能会面临容易失眠,睡眠质量差的问题,造成你特别容易焦虑和烦躁。切记今年需多接触有正能量的人和事,或者通过锻炼来调节情绪。



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