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2022 Zodiac Sheep Prediction

Overall Luck (运势)

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Career (事业)

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Wealth (财运)
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Health (健康)

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Romance (感情)

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2022 Zodiac Sheep Overall Luck (生肖羊 – 整体运程)

Auspicious Numbers
1 , 6 , 4 , 9
Auspicious Colours
White, Gold

Auspicious Stars 吉星

Kindness Star 月德

Heavenly Virtue 天德

Saddle Star 板鞍

Small Auspicious Star 小利


Inauspicious Stars 凶星

Illness Star 死符

Indulgence Star 小耗

Yellow Flag 黄幡

Illness Star 2 二黑星


Zodiac Sheep Overall Luck

Good fortune is finally ushered in for the Sheep this year. Heavenly Happiness, Kindness Star, Heavenly Virtue Stars can help to boost great relationships, interpersonal and career fortunes. This is also a year to showcase your leadership abilities in your career. You can get along well with bosses and colleagues. There will be help from the nobleman when you encounter difficulties. Life will be filled with emotionally rich and colourful events. Singles will have the opportunity to meet a loved one. There may be an increase in spending but overall, in 2022, the Sheep will enjoy good luck.


生肖羊 – 整体运程

今年属羊人终于迎来了好运。 天喜、月德、天德星可帮助你促进良好的人际关系、人缘和事业运。今年也是你在职业生涯中展示领导能力的一年。你能与老板和同事相处融洽。遇到困难时,会有贵人相助。生活中会有丰富的情感和多彩的活动。单身人士将有机会遇到心爱的人。开销可能会增加,但总的来说,在2022年,属羊人会有大好运气。


Sheep Wealth Luck 2022

Entering 2022, the wealth luck of the Sheep zodiac will be mixed. Aid from Kindness Star will encourage harmonious interpersonal relationships and lead to prosperous performance. especially if you are engaged in human-oriented industries, such as insurance and sales. Support from Heavenly Virtue star will help in business ventures and expansion. Presence of the Indulgence Star may cause you to indulge in unnecessary spending. Also with only average investment luck, exposure to high-risk investments is not advisable.





Sheep Career Luck 2022

In 2022, Sheep will enjoy assistance from multiple lucky stars in your career. Kindness Star and Heavenly Virtue could aid Sheep zodiac to further develop your career using your talents and skill sets. Your relationships at work will improve and you could easily gain recognition from superiors. Moreover, in difficult situations there will be a nobleman to help you. However, keep a low profile to prevent yourself from being framed. Lastly, you may find yourselves constantly on the move, with more work overtime or entertainment.





Sheep Romance Luck 2022

Overall romance luck of the Sheep is very good, especially for unmarried ones. Both Kindness Star and Heavenly Happiness stars can bring good interpersonal relationships and peach blossom luck. Singles may have opportunities to meet destined love partner especially when you are more initiative. Those with stable relationships could plan for marriage. It’s a great year to rejuvenate your relationship to greater heights. Those married will have to be careful of temptation which may cause a dire situation to your family.





Sheep Health Luck 2022

This year 2022, the healthy luck of the Sheep zodiac is generally better than last year. Feeling more comfortable and optimistic this year is very helpful to health. More entertainment this year may be detrimental to your lifestyle and health, especially for those with blood or cardiovascular disease. Illness Star may cause Sheep zodiac to suffer from funeral griefs in their family. In 2022, be careful of injuries during business trips or long distance travel. Also do not violate traffic rules nor drive under the influence of alcohol or fatigue.



2022年,属羊朋友的健康运势普遍好于去年。今年感觉更加舒适和乐观,对健康很有帮助。但是,今年应尽量避免太多额外的娱乐活动,尤其是对那些患有血液或心血管疾病的人。死符凶星可能会导致属羊的朋友在他们的家庭中遭受丧葬之痛。 2022年,出差或长途旅行要小心受伤,不要违反交通规则,也不要在酒精或疲劳的影响下驾驶。


2022 Zodiac Sheep Auspicious Bracelet

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