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Fengshui Monkey Zodiac

2022 Zodiac Monkey Prediction

Overall Luck (运势)

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Career (事业)

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Wealth (财运)

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Health (健康)

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Romance (感情)

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2022 Zodiac Monkey Overall Luck (生肖猴 – 整体运程)

Auspicious Numbers
3 , 8 , 2 , 7
Auspicious Colours
Red, Purple
Auspicious Stars 吉星

Travelling Horse 驿马

Earth Solution 地解

Eight Seats 八座

Moon Sky 月空

Inauspicious Stars 凶星

Disaster Star 岁破

Major Indulgence 大耗

Obstacle Star 阑干

Illness Star 2 二黑星

Blood Blade 血刃

Zodiac Monkey Overall Luck

Entering 2022, direct clash with the Grand Duke is destined to cause turbulent changes for the zodiac Monkey. Things are unpredictable and you need to actively seek change to resolve problems. Despite this, auspicious stars such as the Travelling Horse enables you to tap on the overseas market or an online endeavour for your career or business. Other negative stars are detrimental to your relationship luck, financial luck and feelings. The Disaster Star may result in interpersonal disputes at the workplace. A major Indulgence Star may result in major spending or wealth loss. Therefore, speculative investment may be a risky choice this year.


生肖猴 – 整体运程



Monkey Wealth Luck 2022

Direct clash or conflict with the Grand Duke will make the road to gaining wealth unstable. Fear not, wealth star Travelling Horse will provide wealth opportunities such as online business or overseas opportunities. Careful financial planning is important as a Major Indulgence star may result in unfruitful investment. Ensure that every investment or expenditure made is a calculated one especially those with higher risk. In 2022, any careless investment or overspending may result in a financial crisis.



2022年,属猴的朋友因为直冲太岁,财运偏向不稳定。但是不用担心,吉星驿马会大大增加网上生意或海外市场的机会。财务规划方面需仔细,这个很重要,因为主要大耗凶星会导致投资无效,确保所做的每一项投资或支出都是经过计算的,尤其是那些风险较高的投资或支出。 2022年,任何粗心的投资或超支都可能导致金融危机。


Monkey Career Luck 2022

Lucky stars Eight Seats and Travelling Horse will aid in boosting your career such as personal branding or online business. You will have great influence and be popular with clients. Showcase your talents as this is beneficial for promotion or salary increase. Businessmen can also consider expanding into overseas markets and focus on branding as Travelling Horse can drive positive emotions. Monkey zodiac should try to actively seek changes to reduce the adverse effects of the Grand Duke clash.





Monkey Romance Luck 2022

In 2022, for the Monkey zodiac, the effect from Grand Duke will make romance luck pretty challenging. You are expected to meet more opposite sex which can create opportunity for those singles especially long distance romance. Those with stable relationships can consider tying knots with your loved ones to resolve the negative impact of the Grand Duke. For Monkeys with unstable relationships, conflicts may easily occur. Therefore, changes need to be made to your love life and improve communication to avoid emotional turbulence.





Monkey Health Luck 2022

In the Year of the Tiger, the unlucky stars that are unfavourable to health mainly include Grand Duke, Disaster Star & Blood Blade. Monkey zodiac need to be extremely careful while on the road. Also be mindful of your personal belongings while traveling. At the same time, children are advised to swim in the presence of your parents. You are prone to quarrels with others due to trivial matters, resulting in impaired interpersonal relationships and negative emotions. Fortunately, there is Heavenly Solution to help resolve the crisis in time.





2022 Zodiac Monkey Auspicious Bracelet

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