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2024 Zodiac Monkey Prediction

Overall Luck (运势)

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Wealth (财运)

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Career (事业)

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Romance (感情) 

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Health (健康)

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2024 Zodiac Monkey | 生肖猴

Auspicious Stars 吉星

三台 (Three Stages)

地符 Earthly Seal

九紫Prosperity/ Multiplying Star

Inauspicious Stars 凶星

飞符 Flying Talisman

官符 Grievance Star

五鬼 Five Spirits

Zodiac Monkey Overall Luck

In 2024 , lucky star “Earthly Seal” 地符 which will help to reduce the misfortunes that the Monkey may encounter this year. Lucky star, “Three Stages” 三台 can bring great blessings to their career and financial luck, can also bring helpful people into their lives to help them succeed in their endeavours. Unlucky stars such as “Five Ghosts” 五鬼and “Grievance Star” 官符 which may cause Monkey people to experience emotional turmoil, affecting their health luck, and they must also beware of disputes & law suits matters (especially for businessmen).


生肖猴 | 总体运势



Monkey Wealth Luck 2024

In 2024, the overall financial luck of the Monkey is quite good. Monkey people’s salary income is stable and in an upward trend. However, this positive income will naturally be affected if they become too opportunistic. In terms of investment luck, the Monkeys are advised to adjust their personal financial planning in a timely manner according to the market situation. Especially high-risk investments such as stocks should not be too greedy, and they must know how to converge in time, otherwise they will inevitably trap in a financial situation when all their money are stuck.


生肖猴 | 财运




Monkey Career Luck 2024

In 2024, Monkey people will be delighted to know that their career will be in excellent state. Under the influence of lucky stars, including Three Stages “三台” & Prosperity/Multiplying Star “九紫”, their salary or position can be greatly improved and progressed. Teamwork will be highly important, the Monkeys can only achieve major breakthrough if they work closely with colleagues, supervisors or business partners. The Monkeys who are in the leadership role will be very busy this year as the company will be in the stage of progressive expansion.


生肖猴 | 事业运




Monkey Romance Luck 2024

Due to the negative influence of the unlucky stars “Grievance Star” and “Five Spirits”, there will be some relationship issues for the Monkeys in 2024. Those Monkeys who are single, they are encouraged to be more proactive and be mindful of what they say, to avoid scaring away the important person who appear in their love lives. Dating couples are highly advisable to go travel together as their feelings will be further warmed. For married Monkey people it is good to plan for a baby in 2024, the family bond will be stronger this way.



生肖猴 | 感情运




Monkey Health Luck 2024

In terms of health, the Monkeys will be under the negative effects of the “Five Spirits” 五鬼star and “Grievance Star” 官符 in 2024. Although they will not be facing serious illnesses, they can easily caught up in emotional & mental turmoil. As long as they are careful and raise their awareness on mental wellness, they can avoid or minimize accidents occurrence & depression. Regular physical examination is still necessary and advisable, so as to achieve early detection and treatment of disease, restore health as soon as possible.



生肖猴 | 健康运





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