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2022 Zodiac Pig Prediction

Overall Luck (运势)

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Career (事业)

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Wealth (财运)

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Health (健康)

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Romance (感情)

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2022 Zodiac Pig Overall Luck (生肖猪 – 整体运程)

Auspicious Numbers
2 , 7 , 5 , 10
Auspicious Colours

Red, Purple, Brown, Yellow

Auspicious Stars 吉星

Fortune Virtue 福德

Jade Hall 玉堂

Grand Duke Combination Star 岁合

Heavenly Star 六白

Inauspicious Stars 凶星

Mourning Star 披麻

Robbery Star 劫煞

Zodiac Pig Overall Luck

Unfortunately, Zodiac Boar’s secret friend Zodiac Tiger is in conflict with Grand Duke. Therefore, the fortunes are unstable and be prepared for surprises and changes. However, Heavenly Virtue star will aid you timely with help from the noblemen to resolve all difficulties and obstacles. There will also be many happy events such as promotion. Be mindful of Unlucky stars that could be detrimental to interpersonal, emotional and health. Boar people must be cautious in their words and deeds to avoid misfortunes.

生肖猪 – 整体运程



Pig Wealth Luck 2022

In 2022, zodiac Pig will do well in both salary income and investment wealth with help from auspicious stars Jade Hall & Fortune Virtue. However, be mindful of any radical change which may result in a dilemma. Although your wealth is prosperous, you may encounter credit issues with customers. In terms of investment wealth, two auspicious stars of Fortune Star and Heavenly Star will bring good investment and development opportunities in 2022. Do have great clarity on your investment portfolio and be cautious of any high risk investment.



2022年,生肖猪的朋友在吉星玉堂和福德的帮助下,无论是薪水收入还是投资财富都会有不错的表现。但是,虽然您的财富运很旺,但您可能会遇到客户的信用问题, 这将会导致进退两难的根本性变化。投资财富方面,2022年福星和天堂星两大吉星将带来良好的投资和发展机遇,请务必清楚自己的投资组合,谨慎从事高风险投资。


Pig Career Luck 2022

In 2022, with the arrival of many lucky stars, the Pig zodiac in the Year of the Tiger is very strong. Auspicious stars Heavenly Virtue and Fortune Star are very beneficial for promotion and salary rise with help from noblemen. The Pig zodiac must also guard against the unlucky stars Mourning and Robbery Stars. These stars can cause interpersonal relationship issues especially at the workplace. In the face of some rumours in the workplace, don’t pay too much attention to it, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble to themselves.





Pig Romance Luck 2022

In 2022, affected by the unlucky Mourning and Robbery stars, your romance luck is just average. For singles the chances of meeting the desired partner are high. Those who are already in love could consider getting engaged or married. Married ones could encounter romance instability in 2022. Some may not be able to resist attraction of the opposite sex and are deeply trapped in a love triangle and cannot extricate themselves. Therefore, exercise self-control and stay out of unnecessary trouble.



2022年,受不幸的劫煞星影响,您的爱情运势一般。但是对于单身人士来说,遇到理想伴侣的机会还是很高的。那些已经恋爱的朋友可以考虑订婚或结婚。 2022年,已婚者可能会遭遇恋情不稳定,有些人可能无法抗拒异性的吸引,深陷三角恋无法自拔。因此,要保持自我控制,避免不必要的麻烦。


Pig Health Luck 2022

Entering 2022, you are in destruct conflict with Grand Duke, and there are no lucky stars that are directly beneficial to health. The overall health luck is not optimistic. This year, you may pay a heavy price for overeating and drinking. Those who are addicted to drinking and smoking may have a higher chance of suffering from high blood pressure or diabetes. Adjust their diet and work schedule in time. Those with elderly people in the family should pay more attention to their health too.





2022 Zodiac Pig Auspicious Bracelet

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