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Pig Zodiac Fengshui

2022 Zodiac Pig Prediction

Overall Luck (运势)

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Career (事业)

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Wealth (财运)

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Health (健康)

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Romance (感情)

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2023 Zodiac Pig Overall Luck (生肖猪 – 整体运程)

Auspicious Stars 吉星



Inauspicious Stars 凶星

白虎 White Tiger,

大煞 Great Killing,

五黄 5 Yellow Disaster Star


Zodiac Pig Overall Luck

In 2023, the Boar’s fortune will not be as good as last year. Without auspicious stars, the Boar should not be too far-sighted this year, and should expect to do everything by themselves and work harder. Their health luck is affected by unlucky stars, “白虎” (White Tiger) & “大煞” (Great Killing). “白虎” (White Tiger) star mainly causes injuries, so the Boar should pay attention to workplace safety and also possible animals bite. They must avoid high-risk recreational activities. Negative emotions and work pressure may also cause the Boar to be easily annoyed. 



Pig Wealth Luck 2023

In terms of wealth, due to the lack of auspicious stars, the fortune of the Boar will not be promising in 2023. To improve their wealth, they must rely on their own hard work to earn more money. The main source of wealth for the Boar this year is still in the aspect of direct wealth 正财 (salary), so they can consider part-time or freelance jobs to increase their income.


Pig Career Luck 2023

In 2023, since the wealth luck of the Boar is in a state of instability, direct wealth 正财 as the main source of income means that work may be harder than ever. The Boar should avoid the mentality of high rewards for low effort. They must put in more effort in their work and avoid resignation, job hopping or other career changes this year. As long as the Boar works diligently, they can still experience a stable career development.




Pig Romance Luck 2023

In 2023, the overall romance luck of the Boar is relatively dull, and their love life may be unhappy due to the absence of peach blossoms luck. Most Boars may not even have a relationship this year as they may devote more time to career development instead. Single Boar males under the influence of the “White Tiger” (白虎) unlucky star may encounter grumpy females and frequent emotional entanglements. It is advisable for the married Boar to plan more surprises and romantic outings with their love partners.




Pig Health Luck 2023

Entering 2023, due to the threats of unlucky stars, “White Tiger” (白虎)and “Great Killing” (大煞), the overall health luck of the Boar is bad. These unlucky stars mainly cause physical injury or bleeding, and poor mental health. An accidental catastrophe may also occur, To avoid accidents that may lead to bloodshed, the Boar should avoid participating in high-risk activities. The Boar should also seek timely help from friends and family to cope with negative emotions and resolve problems. 





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