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Pig Zodiac Fengshui

2024 Zodiac Pig | 生肖猪

Overall Luck (运势)
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Wealth (财运)
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Career (事业)
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Romance (感情)
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Health (健康)

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Auspicious Stars 吉星

紫微 Imperial Purple

龙德 Dragon Virtue

红鸾 Romance Star

天符 Heavenly Talisman,

四绿 Scholastic & Romance Star#4


Inauspicious Stars 凶星

暴败 Violent Defeat

天厄 Heavenly Adversity

亡神 Dead Spirit


Zodiac Pig Overall Luck

In 2024, the overall luck of the Pigs will rise and it is worth looking forward to. The Pigs are very lucky to be supported by the two noble stars namely, Imperial Purple (紫微) and Dragon Virtue (龙德), which will greatly benefit their career and wealth, they can get help from the noble-men in time to break through the obstacles and usher in a new life. The unlucky stars mainly (暴败) Violent Defeat (天厄) Heavenly Adversity and (亡神) Dead Spirit, are known to be detrimental to wealth and health.


生肖猪 | 总体运势


Pig Wealth Luck 2024

Entering 2024, the wealth luck of the Pig is good with the help of lucky stars, Purple (紫微) and Dragon Virtue (龙德). Pig people can rely on these lucky stars to make a fortune, in terms of career income and business revenue. With the support of the noble-men, opportunities have increased, wealth fortune will grow. Unlucky stars, (暴败) Violent Defeat and (天厄) Heavenly Adversity, may bring a certain intent to erode their wealth, the Pigs are advised not to be careless, otherwise they will encounter unexpected financial bankruptcy incidents especially for business owners.


生肖猪 | 财运


Pig Career Luck 2024

In 2024, with the support of lucky stars, Imperial Purple (紫微) and Dragon Virtue (龙德), the career luck of the Pig is very strong, and no matter what industry they are engaged in, they will have a good development. These stars not only bring excellent luck to the Pigs, but also have the effect of turning bad luck into good luck. For employed workers, promotion and salary increase can be expected. Self-employed business owners can recruit competent assistants to help them handle many complicated tasks and continuously expand their business scale.


生肖猪 | 事业运


Pig Romance Luck 2024

In 2024, there is Romance Star (红鸾) luck for the Pigs, therefore good romance opportunities are expected. They may meet opposite sex with superior conditions through their elders’ network. For single Pigs, they may wish to take the initiative to contact targets if they want to leave single lives; unmarried couples are suitable for marriage and childbirth plans. Married Pigs whose relationship have turn cold in recent years, can grab this year good romance luck to rekindle their love with romantic overseas trips, good to have childbirth plan too.


生肖猪 | 感情运


Pig Health Luck 2024

Entering 2024, due to the negative influence of the “Dead Spirit” (亡神) & Heavenly Adversity (天厄), the Pigs are not optimistic about their physical conditions, they should pay heed to any signs of health related issues, they have a high chance of getting sick and injured. Fortunately, there are lucky stars Imperial Purple and Dragon Virtue which are of great help to resolve the unlucky stars, so Pigs shouldn’t worry too much. Elderly Pigs are more prone to accidents, it is advisable that they should avoid attending funerals or visiting the badly sick if possible.


生肖猪 | 健康运



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