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Rabbit Zodiac Fengshui

Overall Luck (运势)

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Career (事业)

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Wealth (财运)

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Health (健康)

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Romance (感情)

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Auspicious Stars 吉星

将星 General Star,

岁驾Yearly Lucky Star

Inauspicious Stars 凶星

太岁 Grand Duke,

剑锋 Sword’s Edge, 

二黑星 Illness Star 2

Zodiac Rabbit Overall Luck

Entering 2023, the Rabbit is entering their Zodiac year where their overall fortune will have many changes. Challenges and opportunities will coexist, however there are still opportunities to achieve dazzling achievements. In their career, the Rabbits have the “Grand Duke” star and “General Star” (将星)to shine upon them. They are expected to be valued by their bosses, their work abilities will be affirmed, and their salaries will also be improved. They should pay attention to the gossipers & back stabbers around them, as well as their own health condition changes.


生肖兔 – 整体运程



Rabbit Wealth Luck 2023

Due to the lack of lucky wealth stars this year, it is not possible for the Rabbit to experience a tremendous increase in wealth. Regardless of salary or investment wealth, the increase will neither be large nor have a significant impact on overall finances. . Business owners will also struggle to make money this year. Their turnover revenue may trend towards a deteriorating and sluggish business. Once the stock market fluctuates, they will also be the first to suffer the impact.





Rabbit Career Luck 2023

As for career, there are two lucky stars, “Yearly Lucky Star” (岁驾) and “General Star” (将星) shining upon the Rabbit in 2023. The Rabbit is expected to receive attention from their bosses, where their competence will be recognised and appreciated. With the help of “General Star” (将星), the Rabbit will also be able to increase their energy, morale, and work focus. . However,  business owners will be more prone to financial and bankruptcy risks. 





Rabbit Romance Luck 2023

In 2022, the Rabbit zodiac will welcome a year of peach blossoms. The Great Sun will result in good relationship building in your workplace. Singles will have good opportunities to find true love. As for unmarried couples, this is a year suitable for marriage and family planning. Beware of Extravagant peach blossom star. Married ones must have self-control and be wary of potential infidelity. Strong family oriented mindset and relationship foundation will help to prevent unnecessary distraction.





Rabbit Health Luck 2023

The Rabbit will need to focus on health in 2023. The unlucky star, “Sword’s Edge” (剑锋) may cause accidental disasters and illnesses. The Rabbit will be more prone to injury by metal, and should try to stay away from knives and sharp objects as much as possible. Office workers and students may be prone to insomnia, poor sleep quality,  anxiety and irritability. The Rabbit should ensure adequate rest and get in touch with people and things with positive energy or adjust emotions through exercise. 








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