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2022 Zodiac Rat Prediction

Overall Luck (运势)

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Career (事业)

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Wealth (财运)

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Health (健康)

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Romance (感情)

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2022 Zodiac Rat Overall Luck (生肖鼠整体运势)

Auspicious Numbers
2 , 7 , 5 , 10
Auspicious Colours

Red, Purple, Brown, Yellow

Auspicious Stars 吉星

Tan Lang 一白

Inauspicious Stars 凶星

Heavenly Hound 天狗

Mourning Guest 吊客

Three Killings 灾煞, 囚狱, 三煞

Zodiac Rat Overall Luck

In 2022, the zodiac Rat will encounter more unexpected events and will need to work harder to achieve their goals. But fear not, the Tan Lang Star “贪狼星” will enable you to meet a nobleman in your career. However, the presence of multiple inauspicious stars may cause accidental shocks or lawsuits so you have to be extra careful when handling documents and contracts. Always be kind to people around you and avoid physical conflicts. Also, the disasters star “灾煞” can bring harm to personal health. Therefore, pay extra attention to personal safety and diet and avoid hospital visits or funerals this year.


生肖鼠 – 整体运势及运程



Rat Wealth Luck 2022

Rat zodiac can consider investing part of their savings into mid or long-term investments such as real assets to accumulate more wealth. However, having the right investment skillsets is critical so as not to result in a financial crisis. You could also increase your passive income by considering free-lance jobs. In addition, all matters related to documents and contracts should be carefully checked before making any commitment, so as to avoid any unnecessary legal issues.





Rat Career Luck 2022

Due to the lack of auspicious stars, the Rat zodiac must be prepared to work harder this year. Both Direct wealth and Victory stars will help drive the healthy development of your career. It is good to show their personal strength and talents so as to gain recognition from their superior for promotion opportunities. Businessmen should be more innovative with their business operations. Explore more new markets or recruit more talents are areas to focus on this year.





Rat Romance Luck 2022

There is no peach blossom luck this year, therefore good romance opportunities are dim. Most zodiac Rat may lack active enthusiasm in maintaining or looking for a relationship as they devote more time and attention to career development. Married Rats may not have time for each other due to their busy workload which may make their partner feel dissatisfied. Over time, such small grievances may be a trigger point of a quarrel or a breakup. Therefore, the zodiac Rat should invest more energy and time in their relationships no matter how busy they are.





Rat Health Luck 2022

This year, there may be many health-related unlucky stars that will bring a lot of health issues. Having a healthier lifestyle will help boost your body immune system. Afflicted by unlucky stars, Heavenly Hound, Mourning Guest & Disasters stars, traveling trips this year may result in unexpected delays, hiccups or even accidents. Be well protected & stay cautious when attending outdoor activities. Furthermore, Rat zodiac should avoid hospital visits and funerals to reduce being affected by unfavourable aura from these activities, thus affecting your fortune.






2022 Zodiac Rat Auspicious Bracelet

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