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Rooster Zodiac Fengshui

Overall Luck (运势)

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Wealth (财运)

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Career (事业)

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Romance (感情)

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Health (健康)

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Auspicious Stars 吉星

月德 Kindness Star

桃花 Peach Blossom

玉堂 Jade Hall

地解 Earth Solution


Inauspicious Stars 凶星

死符 Illness Star

小耗 Indulgence Star

咸池 Extravagant Star

五黄星 Disastrous Star #5

Zodiac Rooster Overall Luck

Entering 2024, some good fortune is finally ushered in for the Roosters. Not only did they get rid of the negative effects of the Grand Duke (太岁) conflicts last year, but also received auspicious stars support. The Kindness Star (月德), this star help to boost great relationship, interpersonal and career fortune. The unlucky stars, Indulgence Star (小耗) and Illness Star (死符) which mainly harm wealth and health. The Roosters don’t have to worry too much, just grasp the good luck and beware of the unlucky stars.


 生肖鸡 | 整体运程



Rooster Wealth Luck 2024

In 2024, the wealth luck of the Roosters will be badly affected by the unlucky star Indulgence Star (小耗), their expenditure rate is like out flowing water. For those running businesses, they must be very careful in managing their cash-flow, otherwise financial situation may get worse and bankruptcy can happen. This year, the Roosters may fall into the trap of online scams. When buying financial products, don’t be too blinded by the excessive quick profits. Especially the elderly Roosters, they are the easy targets for those online scammers lurking around in the Internet world.


生肖鸡 | 财运



Rooster Career Luck 2024

In 2024, the career luck of the Roosters is quite strong due to the help of lucky stars. Kindness Star (月德) is an auspicious star that are closely related to their careers, and the impact they bring is positive. If the Roosters can grasp them well, they will surely bring their careers development further and their personal talents are also affirmed (especially by female superiors). As for those Roosters in leadership role, their leadership talent is fully demonstrated, and all the company personnel will be united, and overall performance will see much improvement.

生肖鸡 | 事业运


Rooster Romance Luck 2024

In 2024, there is Peach Blossoms (桃花) luck for the Roosters, therefore good romance opportunities are expected. They may meet opposite sex with superior conditions through their elders’ network. For single Roosters, they may wish to take the initiative to contact targets if they want to leave single lives; unmarried couples are suitable for marriage and childbirth plans. However, there is also the Extravagant Star (咸池) peach blossoms that secretly intervened. Married people must be wary of the interference of external peach blossoms which causes infidelity.


生肖鸡 | 感情运



Rooster Health Luck 2024

In 2024, the health luck of the Roosters are generally better than last year as they have get rid of the bad aura of the Grand Duke, on the other hand, there are lucky stars to help. However affected by the Illness star (死符), the Rooster people may suffer from funeral grieves in their family. Those with elderly people in the family should pay more attention to their health and spend more time with them. Those with high blood pressure, excessive intake of alcohol and tobacco must beware of cardiovascular disease.


生肖鸡 | 健康运




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