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2024 Zodiac Tiger | 生肖虎

Overall Luck (运势)

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Wealth (财运) 

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Career (事业)

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Romance (感情)

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Health (健康)

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Auspicious Stars 吉星

驿马  Heavenly Talisman

小利  Small Auspicious

六白星  Heavenly Star#6

Inauspicious Stars 凶星

病符  Heavenly Hound

吊客  Mourning Guest

Zodiac Tiger Overall Luck

In 2024, the life of the Tigers will be stable and average without the bad aura from the Grand Duke. With the Travelling Horse “驿马” star, the Tigers should seize opportunities to travel this year as this is beneficial for their promotion and salary increase. For businessmen, they can consider expanding overseas markets which will bring a lot of benefits. Due to the Mourning Guest “吊客”, the Tigers must pay attention to household accidents, keep rooms tidy, do not hoard excessive debris to prevent injury.


生肖虎 | 总体运势 



Tiger Wealth Luck 2024

In 2024, without major wealth stars’ presence, the Tigers ’ wealth fortune will be average. In addition to the necessary expenses, there may be some surplus every month. The Tiger people’s wealth this year mainly comes from salary income, though they may have some windfall luck. In their career, they need to be diligent and take initiative in everything they do. They are expected to work more and able to earn more. The business revenue of businessmen is fairly stable this year. They can consider improving their business using digital marketing and also increasing their branding activities.


生肖虎 | 财运



Tiger Career Luck 2024

In 2024, there are not many career opportunities for the Tiger people. Due to the influence of the Travelling Horse “驿马” star this year, the Tigers may need to travel frequently, and even for overseas assignments. They must stay positive and diligent in their work attitudes and must be able to live up to their boss’s expectations. This year the mental condition of the Tigers may not be good, and it will cause inefficiency at work. Therefore, they must take good care of their body and mind.


生肖虎 | 事业运



Tiger Romance Luck 2024

In 2024, the Mourning Guest “吊客” may affect the relationship luck of the Tiger people, as they may feel depressed easily, and they may fall into a state of autism. For married Tigers, their marriage life is relatively flat, learn to communicate more with their lifetime partner, give each other more tender care and love, and create surprises for each other on birthdays or anniversaries. Single Tigers must improve their external temperament and internal cultivation to increase their chance of getting out of singlehood.


生肖虎 | 感情运



Tiger Health Luck 2024

Although this year the Tiger has nothing to do with the Grand Duke “太岁”, there are many health-related unlucky stars, namely Heavenly Hound “天狗” & Mourning Guest “吊客” that will bring a lot of health and life safety issues to the Tiger people. The possibility of suffering from illness and accidental injury is relatively high. Pay more attention to personal diet, work and rest should also be well balanced. Be well-protected & stay cautious when attending outdoor activities to prevent accidental injury.


生肖虎 | 健康运




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