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Kwan Kung Statue

Materials: Porcelain, Wood

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Size: 50cm x 30cm x 19cm

Kwan Kung is known as the Chinese God of war due to his heroism and prowess on the battlefield, as well as his commitment to justice and fairness. He is typically known as China’s most powerful warrior as he was a vital protector to emperors, politicians, businessmen and his armies. Kwan Kung is highly valued in Asian police forces as a symbol of victory and protection.

Statues of Kwan Kung are normally placed in homes or places of work for both protection of wealth and to receive fair treatment.

General benefits of Kwan Kung Statue:

  • Protection against thieves
  • Protection against paranormal spirits
  • Protection of wealth
  • Ensure fairness and justice

Kwan Kung statue placements and benefits:

Facing Entrance:

  • Protection against embezzlement and fraud
  • Bolsters business relationships
  • Deepens trust and loyalty amongst workers
  • Repels visitors with ill intentions


  • Attract noblemen
  • Shield against betrayal

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