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Pixiu: Everything To Know About This Feng Shui Symbol

Pixiu: Everything To Know About This Feng Shui Symbol

Pixiu is believed to be the guardian of wealth and happiness, and is often used in decorating homes and businesses to bring good luck. The dragon is also associated with fire, which is a symbol of power and warmth. As such, Pixiu is often used in places where people work or spend time, such as offices, shops, and restaurants.

Pixiu, also known as the Dragon King, suggests that it can be used to ward off bad luck. It is believed that by placing a picture or statue of Pixiu in your home or business, you will be protected from financial difficulties and other negative events. Additionally, placing items related to wealth and good fortune (like gold coins ornaments) near it will help you achieve your financial goals.

How to use Pixiu in Feng Shui

How to use Pixiu in Feng Shui

Pixiu is often used in conjunction with other Feng Shui symbols to improve the luck and prosperity of a space. It can be placed in any room, but is especially beneficial in areas that are associated with money.

When placed near the door or window, Pixiu can help to bring in wealth and prosperity. Additionally, placing Pixiu in the southeast corner of a room can help to protect it from negative energy. It can ward off evil spirits and bring good luck, and is often used in decorations and Feng Shui remedies.

People believe that once you have a Pixiu, it will enable you to attract and accumulate wealth. That is why Pixiu is one of the most famous Feng Shui enhancers.

Pixiu is the one who is able to protect you from disasters and dangers. Whenever one is placed at home, it helps overcome any evil occurrence. It also serves as a guardian to protect the house and the occupants.

Pixiu will enable you to attract primary income and windfall luck. It appeases the Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui) by causing him to be satisfied.

The Do’s and Don’ts When Using Pixiu According to Feng Shui

  1. It is not recommended to place it in your bedroom, facing your bed, as it may affect your sleep quality.
  2. Do not put this symbol on the toilet because it is a place where filth and foul smells are.
  3. Do not place it on a table that is higher than your head. If you did that, it would mean that it would bully the master.
  4. On the outside, you might place it facing the area outside your main door, but you might also put it facing the space outside your windows.
  5. Do not stuff cash in the mouth of your Pixiu because it is disrespectful, and it does not want to be treated like paper. It is the only one who likes real gold, silver, and gems.
  6. Do not place it near a mirror, and do not put it facing a mirror because that signifies that you will chase it away.
  7. It is unnecessary to touch the eyes and mouth of this celestial beast, because it uses those things to search for wealth.
  8. Do not buy a second-hand Pixiu, because you will never know the energy that was sent down by the previous owner.

By wearing this dragon head symbol, the Pixiu charm can be used as a jewelry accessory. However, it is recommended to take it off when you are sleeping or bathing.

Pixiu Jewelry

Pixiu Jewelry

There is a wide variety of Pixiu jewelry available, from simple pendants and earrings to intricate necklaces and bracelets. Some of the most popular pieces include the dragon earrings and pendant, the dragon bracelet, and the dragon necklace.

People use jewelry with Pixiu as a way to bring good luck and protect themselves from bad luck. One of the benefits of wearing Pixiu bracelets can help attract love and happiness for the wearer.

Children who are under 16 and adults who are over 70 must not wear the bracelet. It is because they cannot suppress the vital and aggressive energy of the fierce creatures. That is, women should not wear them during pregnancy, because it might affect the development of the baby.

You should prefer to wear the Pixiu bracelet with your left hand instead of your right hand. It is said that wearing it on the left symbolizes that people can become successful by attracting wealth. However, if you wear the bracelet on your right hand, it will give away your wealth to others.

When you are sleeping, bathing, or in any other situation, which you do not wear the jewelry, put them in your living room, with the head facing towards the main door.

Some of the most popular materials for making a Pixiu bracelet are gold, jade, and crystal. It would be beneficial if you knew which element in your birth chart is missing or lacking and used the element that is most appropriate to achieve that balance.

Do not let someone touch it, but do not freak out if it happens. All that is required is to rinse the bracelet with water.

Always touch the Pixiu while you are wearing it to formally communicate with it, in order that it knows that you are the owner of it.

Final Thoughts

In Feng Shui, Pixiu is a spirit that is associated with wind, air, and change. Also known as Pi Yao, Pixiu is considered to be a helpful spirit that can bring good luck and fortune. The dragon is often depicted with a horn and a long tail, and is thought to be a symbol of power, wisdom, and protection.

Pixiu is believed to bring prosperity if it is placed in an area that is associated with wealth, such as a bank or a shop. The spirit is also said to be helpful in averting bad luck and in bringing good fortune. If you are looking to bring Pixiu into your home, it is important to keep its Feng Shui qualities in mind.

Keep in mind not to place Pixiu in the bedroom, as this is considered to be a place of romance and intimacy. The spirit is also not well-suited for areas that are dirty or cluttered.

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