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May Bazi Day Master Forecast

May Bazi Day Master Forecast


Be tolerant of others, for they may be the nobleman you need in the future. Keep a low profile to avoid jealousy from others.


Take the opportunity to showcase your unique skills to increase your visibility and status in your community. While you are in the limelight, watch your language and actions so as to not offend others.


The month of May looks extremely promising for business and commercial ideation. Draw inspiration from those you hold close! Pay attention to their opinions and points of view. You may end up with a huge revelation.


Hard work this month will pay off exponentially, keep grinding and you will be able to reap great rewards in both financially and in opportunities. Be extra careful of those who are around you and be extra careful not to expose yourself to unnecessary harm.


There will be opportunities for you to greatly expand your skill set. Take advantage of this month’s luck and try to be directly involved in important aspects of projects you may be working on.


Your mood may be all over the place this month, causing you some level of stress. Focus on your strong “urge to win” instead of your current mood and your performance in both your career and business will skyrocket.


This month is the prime time for you to use your products and services to enhance the status and reputation of your business. Be careful to choose the right time to push your business to the next level.


Noblemen may make subtle appearances in your life in the month of May. Pay close attention to your close friends and people close to you as they could potentially inspire you with unexpectedly great ideas.

Yi Wood

The month of May is great for you to expand your social network. Put yourself out there and gain as much exposure as you can; there are many hidden opportunities that will reveal themselves to you. Remember to display your talents while networking.

Jia Wood

Plan your expenses extremely wisely this month to avoid compounding financial problems. If you own a business, take this time to develop a strategy to solve existing problems or launch a new product/service.


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