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Feng Shui Office Tips To Maximize Career Success

Feng Shui Office Tips To Maximize Career Success

In the past few years, Feng Shui has been a subject of great interest for many business owners. They often wish to find ways to enhance their business or office environment to boost productivity and ensure a successful working environment. This article will provide Feng Shui office tips to help improve your working environment.

By reading this article, you will be able to understand how applying principles of Feng Shui in your office layout and decor can improve productivity and help make the work environment more pleasant. It will also help you learn how it can be used in an office setting and the steps that you need to take before applying Feng Shui in your office or workplace.

Place office electronic equipment on the left side

This will help you stay focused when you are working. The reason is the area on the left belongs to the Dragon, who is responsible for bringing you good fortune and harmony at work. 

It is quite likely that people who are like the white tiger will have more difficulties at work, unless you are the one who has to deal with difficult people all the time.

Place some plants in your office

Place some plants in your office

Place some plants in your office to help you feel more energetic and to increase your energy. 

If you find difficulties at work, put a small plant in front of your desk to improve the energy in the place. This will cause your mood to change and your work will go much faster.  

You will be able to focus better at work, and this will enable you to have more energy. Avoid cacti, trees and plants that have thorns or that have too many flowers. Those kinds of plants could cause more problems than help. If you are using fake plants, it may attract energy that you wouldn’t want, and it can affect your mood.

Turn on music in some parts of the office

Music will help to neutralize the negative energy in the area. If there is any ‘Sha Qi’ or negative energy that is creating tension, turn on some music.

If you are having problems with someone or if you need to calm your nerves, listen to some calming music. Try and listen to music that has relaxing melodies and songs that don’t contain any words. 

Also, try to avoid doing things that are too lively or upbeat, because doing that can distract you from concentrating on your work. But people respond to different kinds of music differently. 

Play some soothing music if you find rock music soothing. If not, listen to some soothing music. If you own a business, having nice music playing in the office will benefit both you and your employees. If you arrange for your customers to have a meeting somewhere that plays nice music, it will lead to better discussions or sales.

Do not place desks facing sharp edges

Do not place desks facing sharp edges

Take care that your desk doesn’t face any sharp edges. Sharp corners are caused by sharp edges of pillars or buildings and so on. Sharp edges on your desk can attract negative energy. 

You may have migraines, headaches, stress and unhappiness. Keep your desk facing away from sharp corners or edges (or try putting up some sort of barrier or something like that) if you can’t move it.  

If you have to work around sharp corners or edges, put a bowl of salt near you. This will allow you to relax and not feel as though you are being pressured or being influenced by anything.

Place crystals on your desk

Another Feng Shui office tip is to place crystals on your desk or near your desk. This will help you to relax and release some of the stress that may arise at work. It will help you to relax and to find benefactors who will help you accomplish more than you thought. 

It will help you to avoid being attacked by someone who is trying to trick you or who may be trying to con you. You might attract people who would like to help you with your work. You should clean and polish the crystals regularly to protect their positive energy.

Place a barrier between the desks area and the main door

If your desk faces a door, a corridor or a room where people walk, have a small space between you and the others. So, someone who passes by can’t see your face directly. 

Corridors and doorways create an energy that moves fast. When these fast moving energies are at work, you may forget what you are doing. If you are working in an office or business establishment, put up a small solid wall or blockade so that you cannot easily see the front door or the corridor in front of you directly.

Place a water feature in the north part

Place a large water feature in the north corner of your office to provide soothing water in the office. The calming energy of water can give all employees positive energy and positive vibrations.

If possible, put water in the north-east corner of your office to allow people to have more direct access to you. Try to avoid sitting in a pool or sitting across a river or other stagnant place. 

You should place fountains or a fish tank that has a moving water feature. If you have a water feature in your living room or office, put one where the water is flowing. This will attract good luck and increase productivity in the office.

Place a red table lamp

If you are working from home, it is important to take note of your home office design. Placing a red table lamp at the corner of your desk can help you in getting recognition for your efforts and achievements.

The color red represents vibrance and happiness and it may help you in getting a promotion. Just some small objects will do, items that are practical and aesthetically-pleasing.

Clean up your office everyday

Clean up your office everyday

When you finish working, make sure you tidy your work desk regularly. This will ensure that you get a fresh start every day. Declutter your desk every day. It is important to tidy up your desk every evening, because doing that may cause stagnant energy to accumulate. 

Having a cluttered desk can lead to frustration when working. Having a clutter-free and clean desk gives you a clear mind. Cleanliness is also good for the Feng Shui of your office.

Avoid putting a hanging mirror in the office

Do not put up large mirrors in the office or at your desk. Avoid hanging a mirror in the office or workspace behind your back. This also applies to mirrors and other objects that strongly reflect or act like a mirror. 

This can cause people to give you complaints and even cause people to try to stab you. If you need to see a mirror while you are doing your makeup or taking a picture of yourself, carry around a small mirror in your purse or bag.

Concluding words

Improving the Feng Shui of your office space and commercial property helps to create a harmonious work environment, keeping your staff both physically and mentally healthy.

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