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Feng Shui Home Tips: Dos and Don’ts For Good Energy

Feng Shui Home Tips Dos and Don'ts For Good Energy

When it comes to designing spaces, It is important to adhere to Feng Shui guidelines to have a harmonious living space. Some places or things need to be placed that will allow people to absorb more of the life force (the energy called Chi, in other words) for their benefit. This is one of the most effective ways to make your environment help recharge your batteries and feel good about yourself. It is not surprising that Feng Shui followers are increasing every day.

If you want to change your life for good, you can read this article to learn some basic Feng Shui home do’s and don’ts tips to create a peaceful environment in your home.

Feng Shui Home Tips: Good Energy Do’s

Command Position

It is very important that you always put certain objects to face the door or another entrance to your home so that the energy from that area enters your house and your life. What you should do is to place the bed, the desk, and the stove in the position that shows the commanding position.

The main door to a room is considered to be the mouth of Chi (or, the place where good energy enters your home). If you are cooking on the stove or if you are sitting at a desk in your office, it is best to be able to see the front door of but not directly across from it. It’s best to be diagonally away from the door, but still face it.

If that is not possible, try to place a mirror so that you can look inside the room to see the doorway. Based on the floor plan. The door to your house is literally where the energy enters your home, and it is extremely lucky!

Front Door Activation

Front Door Activation

If you want to activate the good energy of your Feng Shui home, wait until an auspicious day or a new moon occurs. When it is Yang hours, write down nine things that you would like to happen in your life with a new black pen on a red sheet of paper.

When you are finished writing down your nine wishes, read them aloud and, if necessary, take a moment to mindfully sign them. Write out a list of things that you would like to happen to you and then carefully fold the list into a neat, neat piece of paper and put it in a red envelope. Place a sign with the words I am grateful at the front door of your house, and then place your sign above the front door of your home.

When you walk through the front door of your home, you are invoking the energy of your wishes, so that your desires become reality. This is a great idea to use on your front door, and you can use it on the doors of your bedrooms, as well, if you have roommates!

Bedroom Balance

Bedroom Balance

We spend a lot of time sleeping in our beds; therefore, good Feng Shui is essential in our bedrooms.

Once you have your bed in a position that gives people great comfort and a sense of peacefulness, it’s important to have enough space for each side of the bed. That means that you have enough space for both your bed and your spouse or future partner.

This will make it possible to put one nightstand on each side of the bed. It’s not necessary for your nightstands to be the same size; it is better if they are similar in size.

If you can, put a bed with a spacious bed frame and a headboard that allows you to walk around and leave enough space on both sides of the bed. You definitely need a headboard! A headboard that is solidly attached to the bed and secures the bed against the solid wall creates stability and harmony.

Pick The Right Energy Color

Pick The Right Energy Color

If you use bright colors, it represents one of the five elements in Feng Shui: earth, wood, metal, water, and fire. These natural elements are used to bring in positive energy that balances everything. If there is something in your life that you would like to have more of, you can make it happen by adding that element to the interior design of your home.

  • If you are lacking self-care and stability, add more earth elements to your living space. These earthy colors include brown, yellow, and orange tones. Having a bed with a dark brown headboard helps to create a sense of security and stability in your relationship.
  • The metal element will help you think clearly and achieve your goals. A white or gray color for your home office will help you to have clear visions of what you want to do.
  • Adding more black accents to your spaces can help you bring more water elements or more wisdom into your life. You can study much better in a black or dark blue chair.
  • Wood elements help us start new projects and bring energy into our homes. If you have lots of teal pillows on your sofa, you can create a welcoming atmosphere for your guests.
  • Fire energy attracts a powerful energy that brings about emotional or physical attraction. Flowers that are red bring out the fire energy in your living room.

Feng Shui Home Tips: Good Energy Don’ts

Door Blocking

Doors are very important because they are great portals to attract and channel energies. Take a good look at every door in your home to see if there are any that are locked at 90 degrees because of other people’s furniture or the clutter that is in your space.

If doors in your home are unable to open, your potential energy is being compressed and you will not be able to accomplish what you are capable of doing. It can cause you to feel cramped and confined rather than feeling free and spacious. If a door is blocked, it means that your energy cannot flow freely or that you cannot express yourself clearly.

Broken Objects

Broken objects in your home can become obstacles in your life and cause you to be stressed. If you have a broken doorbell that you keep postponing to fix, it may prevent you from receiving a visit from some amazing person or something amazing. Wilting plants are also very negative in the principles of Feng Shui.

Clutter of Clothes

Clutter of Clothes

We all know that we always imagine that someday we’ll fit into those jeans that we bought when we were younger, but if we let go of those clothes, we can also let go of other things that are useless (like harmful people or unnecessary stress).

When we have a full closet, we signal to the universe that we are done and we do not need any more things. It’s amazing what clearing out some space in your closet can achieve.

Concluding words

Looking to understand and improve the Feng Shui of your home? Learn more about our home Fengshui consultation services to find out how we can improve the natural surrounding energy of your home to create a harmonious environment for you and your loved ones.


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