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       Fengshui Products for Home Protection and Feng Shui Cure

Fengshui protection is an useful guard against negative energy and evil force. In Feng Shui Chinese Principal, it is highly effective in bringing luck and prosperity to life. Different Feng Shui items are believed to be effective in bringing good luck. These are not only useful as home decor items. They also bring positive effects in life when used and placed properly. Let’s look at some of the most popular Feng Shui items for good luck, which help bring good luck to your home.

  Feng Shui Items and Display For Good Luck and Health

  Check out Fengshui World list of Feng Shui items for good luck and prosperity

 Lucky bamboo is among the best Feng Shui items for luck

  Fengshui Bamboo Tree can manifest good health and longevity. Lucky Bamboo give our positive flow of healthy energy and vibe. Lucky Bamboo plants can be found in 2, 3, and 4 layers. It is one of the preferable Feng Shui items for luck. You can easily take care of this lucky bamboo plant, which can survive in any light. This plant can attract positive energy to your house.

Lucky Bamboo Plant

 Fengshui Tortoise 

 Fengshui Tortoise can manifest stability and good health in business. The Golden Tortoise in Fengshui is well known for the beneficial of grounding energy, stability, slow and steady business as well as attracting good health in the long term.

Fengshui Turtle, Feng Shui Product
Golden Tortoise Fengshui Display

 Citrine Crystals 

 Lucky Citrine brings in inner confidence and auspicious luck and stimulates growth in the symbolism of growing fortune and good luck. This flavorful symbolism is a sign for good luck and opportunity.

Fengshui Crystals, Feng Shui Bracelet
Citrine Crystal Fengshui Bracelet

 Tiger Eye Bracelet 

 Tiger Eye is common in the protection of the warding off evil and bringing in confidences in the inner self, it is the symbolism of high authority and inner strength that boost confidences in individual for fengshui.

Fengshui Bracelet, Crystals
Tiger Eye Protection


 Pixiu is a guarding force against evil in Feng Shui

Pixiu, Fengshui Display

Money Frog

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