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Bazi Reading Fengshui Services by Fengshui Master


 About Bazi Reading/Life Destiny Bazi Fengshui Services in Singapore

BAZI or Life Destiny Bazi, also known as Four Pillar of Destiny is an Feng Shui services that is base on life chart, life birth, time of birth, date of birth, zodiac and elements.

Get a Bazi Calculation and Analysis for you that inclues life path navigation, career and wealth growth that is base on the  chinese metaphysics of bazi compasses reading. The Bazi is encompass with detailed strategic feng shui techniques and practice by experienced feng shui master which endow the right element needed for a home/business place to prosper and thrive, whether it is the productivity, ‘sha qi’ or for the cognitive well being affecting the environment.

Bazi is famous in countries like Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia due to it’s popularity among family wanting to have an auspicious way of fengshui life.

Life Destiny Bazi utilizes Life and Birth Chart, Time and Date of Birth, Place of Residence and Elements for Bazi Calculation, Analysis and Report.

Sha Qi Affecting Life Destiny

Negative Energy Replacement with Good Energy that is Base On Bazi Analysis, Reading and Advisory by Experienced Feng Shui Master. ‘Poison Arrow’ can be detrimental to feng shui in theory because it can also affect the productivity, mind and well being of the people living in.

Such Sha Qi includes sharp metals, mirror pointing at you while you are working or sleeping, tall buildings surrounding your apartment and lack of light in the surrounding.


Personal Bazi, Fengshui Home Service

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